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  1. whats the "xenonsetup" sorry for the novice question.
  2. Come on, please share it :C I found RGH2 patches are enough to run retail bootloaders (of course file system require additional patches) it is kinda stupid to have a devkit and to run a retail. I dont want to hook 2 consoles on Monitor. One more thing any idea on what additional patches required to run SMC_hack (jtag) on Devkit? Xebuild document ions show its possible however.
  3. Ive successfully be able to run your files on Devkit with no shadowboot whats so ever (also big block nand!) I noticed 2 things that dont work. 1- Xbox og backward compatibility. 2- Avatars (yes I installed 17489 avatar from a retail unit into HDD). But non the less, every retail xex seems to work normally. Thanks a lot anyways.
  4. this is an old thread but just now I got this problem and I fixed by changing RF board (ring of light board). sometimes over tightening of screws can do that or something shorting it, give it a twist and clean it (try ti press on components) and its working now.
  5. Hi, this is offtopic and I hope you can share insight on this, I tried to build a custom Devkit image uinsg Xebuild. I found a shadowboot file and this has patched bootloaders so they can run "retail" to some extent. I made the following in xebuild (note that CRC checksum I copied from xebuild output as it errors out and placed them in devkit.ini file) [jasperbl] SB_A.14352.bin, 4712224f SC.17489.bin,9e834d81 SD.17489.bin, 99a1aeea SE.17489.bin,0d896fd1 none,00000000 none,00000000 The [flashfs] section & [security] section are taken from the file you uploaded in this thread. The console Keeps RROD and I dont really know where it the booting is halting. Thanks a lot and sorry for this wall of text.
  6. I have BB Jasper, this is why I was trying to boot any Jtag image (any CB with LDV of jtagable with a 0 CPU) the only image I could boot is Xecuter Fusion with RGH2. If then I proceed with recovery disk (you can select option to setup CPU as devkit or as retail) if you select retail you get LDV8 since RGH2 CB is high and probably 8 and if you select dev, you get a devkit CPU with all 0s. and yes from that site I started this stupid quest, not to mention in his approach he gets a devkit CPU on a trinity but he could somehow flash it with a retail image and run RGH2 normally!!! btw, I tried adding files to Xebuild , JasperFFS doesnt show up
  7. Excellent post , Ive been looking for this to boot my 0 CPU into a devkernel. the stupid 0 CPU can boot xell through RGH2 and Jtag, if the fuse line is devkit (you cant run Xell through Jtag) but you can still with RGH 2 Ive added 1748 into xebuild folder in "Files" folder in Xebuild GUI, 17489-Dev doesnt show up, I renamed it. I also replaced the content with one of the old dashes (9199) to see if the menu changes but doesnt. I can however use Xebuild through command promt. Sorry for the newbie questions. in the sample _devkit there is Jtag option and there is the following [jasperbl] cb_6723.bin,e9292b90 cd_6723.bin,0fcff305 ce_1888.bin,ff9b60df cf_4532.bin,d28ef722 cg_4532.bin,2530f8ce cb_5771.bin,859140f0 sd_14699.bin,68befcdb se_14699.bin,5d8a0f4f none,00000000 and I compared it to another Jtag ini, the first CB CD CE CF doesnt need patches the remaining but CB SD SE needs to be patched correctly? or I can simply use the one in RGloader folder (patched cb sd se) ? I tried to boot normal Xell with Jtag wiring with a Devkit CPU, but it wont boot no mater what even if LDV is 0. I believe since CB detects first fuse line and if its dev fuse, the boot process stops all together. However, with RGH2 CB is glitched and I can boot Xell normally with devkit CPU.
  8. Hello Felida, nice to see you alive and well! Im running RGl on a devkit (duh if you ask me) I do have a RGH2 retail console, Ive done the same of what you mentioned, but no avail. I noticed if the $Systemupdate folder is present in USB HDD, nothing will run and you get error message. as soon as I rename this folder, everything else work!
  9. I tried to get the avatar to work, but failed, if someone can share discord filesystem, it would be great full. thanks
  10. Hi Ben, I had a personnel quest to boot a xbox 360 with a "new CPU" unprogrammed and have all 0 Pairs in it including all 0s CPU key. and I have semi succeeded in making it to boot official Dev Kernel and even have first line blown as Devkit (i think the line ends in FF instead of 0F). Anyways, I would like to redo the same and try to boot retail Kernel, the cpu can enter Xell (jtag wiring - SMC hack) but as soon as I try to bot the kernel, its stuck in black screen and frozen. Also from Free60, https://free60project.github.io/wiki/SMC_Hack.html and to quote this " Now there is a special situation: If the 2BL pairing block is all-zero, the pairing block will not be checked. However, a bit is set so that the kernel doesn’t boot the dashboard binary, but a special binary called “MfgBootLauncher”, where “Mfg” probably stands for “Manufacturing”. So this is a leftover of the production process, where the flash image is used on all hardware, probably also before any CPU-key has been programmed. " I cant escape that :s one more dumb question, can you boot Dev Xbox (DEV Fuse CPU) into retail? looking forward for your answer.
  11. not a xenon, a jasper with blade dashes + running devkit with no tricks or glitch chip. I have placed wiring for SMC hack "Jtag" and it worked only for xell, I couldnt run patched retail dashboard or "freeboot" since Xebuild needs additional patches and I myself dont know / have time for it.
  12. any updates on this ? Im curious how many games run better now.
  13. If you dont understand what I mean, I can sell you my console for 200$ that can run dev kernel, I dont have time to build a special patch for it to run retail content.
  14. I actually managed to downgrade my own xbox 360 by swapping the CPU with unburnt "Xenon CPU with all Zeros" I ran dev 67xx firmware on it, and I actually J-tagged it and it hangs if you want to run a retail dashboard, I believe the reason is Xebuild doesnt patch the first CPU line if you select the J-tag option, However, you can run a retail RGH image using it. I have to build my own patches if I want to run retail on it. Long story short I can run Dev dashboard ( any dashboard ) on a retail console WITH NO wires or RGH ; however requires you to swap the CPU J-tag it if you want to run retail BUT you need to patch Xebuild to by pass CPU fuse line 01 (the line with F0F0F0F ) to pass DEV CPU check.
  15. Lmao! Im quoting you from the other forum! WTF You I was telling myself this nick name isnt new to me Hahahahah
  16. i itried that version, it doesnt read from USB and avatar isnt running I found this crazy post in demon forum but I couldnt understand the bold part, to quote "ok so i have tinkered with this.. and figured out why there is no avatars, and why there is a freeze upon going to stock dash.. you need to use the minimal payload, the one that is 2kb, not the 4kb one(this will fix the hud problems and such) then you need to hexedit rglXam.rglp and modify 01 44 67 to 01 44 51.. ^^^^^^ this is the reason for the freeze/error on going to stock dash, as it is "spoofing" the stock dash to 17526, when in actuality it really is just dash 17489.. i have pulled my OWN 17489 devkit files, and there is no actual 17526 anything in these "releases".. besides the "crappy" spoof"
  17. Greetings, I found a way to turn these unprogrammed CPU from china into dev cpu, I tried to flash them as retail with low CB LDV counter but failed to do (story for another topic). Anyways, Im trying to Run Xell on a dev unit but somewhere it fails and reboots till it gets RROD. However, glitch 2 ECC image works just fine which means it contains patches to ignore Fuse01 (dev fuse identification line). If someone got a clue on how to make Xebuild Jtag image to ignore fuse line 01 ) it would be very grateful. Thanks
  18. thanks buddy, but it still rises my eyebrows every time I launch an og Xbox games, it almost run flawlessly on Xbox 360, and it wasnt intended to run all og xbox library. Thus, it is defanitely possible to run it at full speed, I dont think ram is the limiting factor as you get plenty (320 or above mb of DDR3 high speed memory), I remember I was running / playing Ps1 games on 128 RD ram Pentium 4 computer back in my days. Again, I really hate to be mr complain, If I think there is a room for improvement, then I should get my ass and do it myself than complaining in forums. Thanks and hats off to the authors.
  19. whats your plan for the future of this emulator? I do really love this emulator, tons of efforts were made (similarly to N64 and DC emulator). I hate to be that person but when we should expect this emulator to run at at full speed ? is it hardware limitation?
  20. its amazing how this Xbox 360 run many OG xbox tiles with high accuracy emulation & at 512 MB of ram. Im very surprised the Xbox 360 scene died so quickly compared to the ps3. P.S I own both Ps4 and Xbone and these two are shitty consoles and my total play time on these two doesnt exceed 40 hours combined.
  21. I will learn C just for this stupid Xell, and I wont regret it , where is the link to donate for this site?
  22. Ok, found the issue, during Key_Blow() HV collects information from bootloaders, since Im running fusions 1.09 (base dash 13xxx) my Fuse02 got burned @ 8 now of course its useless unless you RGH-2 (1.2) Is it possible to edit the values of HV through Memory debugger? Damn this is much harder than I thought.
  23. Greetings, A 4-5 months ago I posted a thread (now it has been archived https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/new-xbox-cpu-with-0-efuses-all-fuses.1736634/) on how to setup a unprogrammed Xbox 360 (phat) as a dev unit, Im redoing the same but to make it as retail with 0 LDV, in other words you can run a blade dash / NXE retail and possibly run Jtag hack on it! Long story short, I was shocked when I found ebay listing for old dashboard consoles being sold 300$+ and decided to buy the CPU for 20$ and try it myself. Now Im trying to boot a retail dashboard for this new CPU but with no avail, I can however, run devkit image through RGH2 . I assume this has to do with LDV and CFLDV . [MEDIA=imgur]i0zKXFb[/MEDIA] Note that my CB LDV looks like FuseSet 02: 00000000F Even though the recovery disk is dated in NOV 2008, it setup my cpu with CB LDV 8, now I believe Im stuck. Here is the steps I followed, 1- RGH 1.2 or RGH2 install 2- Run a devkit image (use Xecuter's Fusion 1.09) 3- Insert XenonRecoveryDisk once the dashboard is booted ( it wont launch otherwise and kernel panic) 4- You can now set the console as devkit or as a retail (press Y for retail) 5- The console now will reboot 6- If you are using a slim console then you are fine, if you are running it on FAT, the console now is bricked (black screen) . 7-Creat ECC for RGH2 and write it 8-you will be greeted with Xell with all with a new CPU key ( CPU fuse line isnt 0 now) 9- ??????? This is where Im stuck, I do have all information but cant run any retail dashboard. please share your thoughts. Many thanks! =============P.S============= at step 4, if you go for a dev option, Fuse02 will be intact and reports all 0s. and you can run any remote recovery or recovery disk and install the latest leaked ver. of XDK. You can also remove all wires for both glitcher and nand reader. I have one last unprogrammed CPU at hand if someone have a clue on how to modify recovery disk to burn certain fuseline. I also dont know if you can J-tag a Devunit to run retails on it.
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