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  1. I can not even test yet, my xbox 360 has to be sent to the assistance, but I already want to learn everything respect to not do shit
  2. if I had the money, and the post office and taxes weren't so terrible, I would definitely buy HASIDKSADJSJ, but i will see what i can do to make this works
  3. just an update, I think I got it
  4. but anyway guys, i will keep trying, at some point I'll get, thanks very much for the help and patience =D
  5. Oh, I get it now HAHAHAHA, I can create a folder named 6717, and put the renamed files there, will it work too?
  6. Oh yea, and about the 7371, these are the files
  7. fine, assuming making this work, my next step would be to create the dashbord in xeBuild, but in the custom option there is no option to insert files or anything
  8. I think that's what caused the confusion
  9. I thought these 6717 files I should add on xeBuild to build my own dashboard were these here
  10. Sorry to make it annoying, because from what I had understood, is that to build a nand before 7371, I would need the dash files, and those files would be the ones in the photo, then I would use these files that are in the photo, in xeBuild to mount my own dashbord with the files
  11. this is sad, i don't know where i would find the previous dashbord files, since from what I understand I can not use the update files
  12. Oh sorry, I'm very confused, it's because I wanted to understand everything right before doing shit, I think I got it now, but to build a dashbord do I need her files right? so I can't use the update files to build a dashbord right?
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