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  1. Well, on 16747, Aurora 0.7b.1 works perfectly fine for me.
  2. My kernel version is 2.0.16747.0 and i am running Dashlaunch 3.12 because that's what I've found in google as being best compatible with my kernel version. Good to know, I'm going to install the latest Aurora version then. Thank you!
  3. Hello, Swizzy, I'm having the same problem. I would gladly read about the solution, but the above link for your tutorial isn't working. I've also tried to verify my nand dump in jrunner, but the program hangs. My console was purchased modded, it's on dashboard 2.0.16747.0, FSD 3 775, a 4 GB Corona with RGH 2, i've installed a compatible dashlaunch 3.12 and that's what it tells me. When you have the time, could you please point me in the right direction? Thank you!
  4. My console is on dashboard version 2.0.16747.0. Which version of Aurora can be installed on this dashboard? Thank you!
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