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  1. Content Controls was in... With a lucky guess, turned off, and all is working great
  2. Need some help... Would like to know what could be the problem. Using a standard e-series xbox, not chiped.. Updated dash via xbox live... Can not access Settings/ Profile /Account /Family And can not run the Initial setup If anyone can please give some advice Thanks Casper
  3. thanks, thanks, thanx...................
  4. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5423-tut-how-to-play-indie-games/?hl=indie
  5. Uploading Indie Icons, as I can not add them myself.... Indie Icons.zip Hope this can be used....
  6. Uploaded a New Set of Covers for XBLA games to Unity If I have missed any titles, it can be requested here...
  7. Regarding Post #62 Can you please delete the following covers 5th Grader - 58410900 3 on 3 NHL Arcade - 58410975 3D Ultra Minigolf - 58410841 1942: Joint Strike - 584108AA 0D Beat Drop - 584109A8 0 day Attack on Earth - 584109B7 0 Gravity Y3030 - 58550BAF I will upload the correct ones.... Thanks... I am ready to upload 691 XBLA titles..... Can you can please delete the ones, mentioned above.... Thanks...
  8. Hope it will be useful to other members of the community.........
  9. Copy Episode 1 to 000D0000 folder inside the 5841149E folder Episode 2-4 should go to 00000002 folder, as it is seen as marketplace content or use a tool like Horizon, and it will place it in the correct place
  10. First off you will need art-work for your new covers. You can go to the source http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Games/All?SortBy=Title&PageSize=90 or use google to find it getting artwork.wmv Now download my Photoshop Working Folder and Template X360 Covers.zip Extract the Ziip archive and place it as shown in the attached picture... Next go to photoshop Actions Folder and install the actions Important note: when saving the artwork, please use the same file names as is used in my folder structure. This is also the default names used when saving the images from the marketplace..... And it is used by the photoshop actions, to work correctly.... Naming used for Arcade, Kinect and Retail are as follows banner.png | boxartlg.jpg | rating.png | screenlg1.jpg | screenlg2.jpg | screenlg3.jpg | screenlg4.jpg Naming used for Indie is as follows banner.png | xboxart.jpg | screen1.jpg | screen2.jpg | screen3.jpg | screen4.jpg Using the Actions using actions.wmv There are 19 different covers to choose from if you prefer the manual way
  11. made a small change to my Photoshop Action, as it did not correctly resize some of the images.... I have corrected the action and it is now working 100% Will be uploading the new style for all XBLA ...
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