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  1. @Swizzy, I been reading through the threads here and I saw the Donor nand, I have tried that to bring my xbox back to life but every time I try, it keeps saying failed in Jrunner, If it not to much to ask, Do u mind putting together me a nand, I can't figure out what is wrong. I was able to get my keys downloaded from Xell
  2. @Swizzy, Is it true that you can't flash a 4g Corona with Xell, This is what im working g with. I followed all your step. different flash drive, check the extension, it see my flash drive, but does not flash. Anything else I could try like a xenon.elf file or is my Xbox done. None of the xenon file I found are correct.
  3. @Swizzy. You are correct Swizzy. I tried these step, I used the simple nand flasher and tried to boot using xell but it seems not to recognize the upflash.bin, I also read that I have to add a xenon.elf file, If so where do I find it or can you guide me in the right direction. The one I tried to use was the file from Muphen Nintendo which xell did read, and was able to see the file on the root, but still did not boot. Xbox only boot to xell from eject button, If I use the power, it turn to the red ring, any suggestions
  4. I had Xbox 360 Corona slim with Dash 16547, I tried to update the Dash with Auto updater and accidentally hit the Xbox control where Dash launch 3.16 rebooted in the process, Now my Xbox wont boot, get the red ring on the power button, but if I boot with the disk eject button, I can still see the blue screen with Xell, I do not have original nand dump from over a year ago from when my Xbox was RGH. Is there any way of fix this or to continue the update so that it will work again. Thank you anyone. Attached is the images of what I have done.
  5. Help with Xbox 360

  6. I figured it out, its the scan dept, most people set the scan to 2 for the Xbox game, but for the GOD is 3 folders deep. So after changing the scan dept to 4, Everything works fine. Thank Atifkazia
  7. Yes I did Atifkazia, it's the same as my xbox games or do I need to set each GOD, or is it with the filters
  8. Where and how to I find my Games on Demand in Aurora 5b, I have install a few. I don't see it in Xbox classic or the quick view, Is there a setting to make it appear. Thanks
  9. Where did you find your verion of Guncraft Suprashake, The 2 version I have just stays at the start screen. Send it my way or is it only Multi-player for Link.
  10. Need help, Does anyone know the correct way to install Minecraft story mode GOD on RGH and also any idea if Guncraft works proper on RGH. Thanks
  11. @ Swizzy, Thanks. Look like nothing is supporting the DS for RGH/Jtag
  12. treliyvan


    Can anyone guide me in the right direction to find the link for DSon360 Version 0.2b: for RGH/Jtag. I have the 2a version and it is very choppy and can't get any games to work. This newer version is suppose to actually work on the Xbox 360. Thank you to anyone with information.
  13. For anyone that may have this problem also, when it say disable the freestyle plugin, do not disable, that is what caused the problem, all is fixed now
  14. I need help please, anyone who may know the answer. Im using Aurara 5b on a RGH corona, I had GTA 5 working just fine, I install some trainer from XZY mod and now my GTA restarts the xbox, I tried delete the game and reinstall, I delete the DLC's, I unstall the tralers, I installed different tiltle update and uninstalled them, still the same, the game restart the Xbox, can anyone tell me how to fix this.
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