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Found 5 results

  1. All games not compatible for last title update Aurora 66 In 1 Trainer.zip
  2. Hi, I really need the trainer for this TU, can't find it anywhere, thanks if it can be found!
  3. I need help please, anyone who may know the answer. Im using Aurara 5b on a RGH corona, I had GTA 5 working just fine, I install some trainer from XZY mod and now my GTA restarts the xbox, I tried delete the game and reinstall, I delete the DLC's, I unstall the tralers, I installed different tiltle update and uninstalled them, still the same, the game restart the Xbox, can anyone tell me how to fix this.
  4. Here are the tutorial files and videos for making Aurora Trainers created by AxR. AxR hosted this on XYZmods site but they were lost in a recent site disruption. The files have been returned to AxR and so should eventually be updated on his original post at XYZ. I'm posting them here as a redundancy so that Aurora users will always have the ability to create trainers for their favorite dashboard. Hopefully this will help a few people, even if it's just to learn something new. Keep in mind you will also need additional tools/software that are listed in the readme.txt (and below) but cannot be distributed/linked to here. I have not actually made a trainer for Aurora, but I know of at least 3 members here that have. So if you have questions that are not being answered in this thread, please feel free to visit XYZmods where they are a little more active with trainers . The original thread can be found here... Video Tutorial Making an Aurora Trainer This pack Contains the following Content! XYZEngine Shell Shock 2.xex (removed to comply with RMS copyright rules) Aurora Trainer Dat Tool XexToolGUI v1.8 Tutorial Making A Trainer Part 1 Tutorial Making A Trainer Part 2 Tutorial Making A Trainer Part 3 Tutorial Making A Trainer Part 4 Tutorial Making A Trainer Part 5 (as well as a few readme files) Things you will need to Follow this Tutorial are listed below! Being able to put up with my bad spelling!. Aurora 0.4b+ Installed on your console at the following path -> HDD\DEVKIT\Aurora A Search Tool of some kind. Microsoft visual Studio 10. Microsoft Xbox360 SDK. A RGH/JTAG Console preferably on RGLoader. A Copy of the game ShellShock 2 with the following IDs Title ID 534307E5. Media ID 71DC774B. Again, BIG thanks to AxR for his time putting this together. Video Tutorial.zip Tutorial Files.zip edit: removed Shell Shock 2.xex from this package to comply with RMS rules on copyrights. You should obtain the full game anyways to follow this tutorial properly. I also split the package to separate the videos incase anyone wants to just view them.
  5. Pt-Br Pessoal, obrigado pelo excelente trabalho. As minhas sugestões são as seguintes. Uma forma de baixar os trainers direto da Aurora, assim como é feito com as TU's. Tornaria muito mais rápido a forma como são feitas as buscas e os downloads. Um feed de noticias relacionadas as novidades da xbox unity ou da cena xbox. Tenho outras sugestões, irei elaborar com mais calma e volto ao tópico assim que souber explicar do que se trata. En-Us Staff, thank you for the excellent work. My suggestions are the following. A way to download the trainers straight from the Aurora, as well as is done with the TU's. Would make it much faster to how they are made searches and downloads. A news feed related to the news of the xbox unity, or of the xbox scene. I have other suggestions, I will elaborate with more calm and get back to the topic so that you know to explain what it is. Thank you all and I apologize for the bad English.
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