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  1. Do you have a working version of this skin (green color code from HUD plugin; loading screen)? If you do - would you be so kind and share it, please?
  2. I really like your version of this skin! It's great! Thank you so much for all your work!
  3. Hello - did you manage the startscreen with your pic to look good??As far as I remember I tried the same but always had a black frame around my new pic and I also couldn't match perfectly to the Xbox360 intro...
  4. I use Philips Lite-On DG-16D2S DVD Drive flashed with iXtreme 0800 v3 firmware(Liteon AP25V3) and Xbox Backup Creator v2.9 Build:0350 All my other games got ripped with this combination and work fine... @ Casper: I sah on your pic that you used the xbox image browser - when I try I can't open my ripped ISO (from THIS game) PS: THANK YOU for all your response - I'm still trying to find a solution, will try different versions of backup creator...
  5. It's definitely a regular 360 game, split on 2 discs (you have to change discs at one point in the game)... :-( At least I'm not the only one having problems with this game. But checking the web I sah that there exist pirate-rips of this game, so there must be a way to rip it...
  6. Thank you for your response. I ripped the discs using a 0800 drive - nearly 50 games work perfect that way. Deus ex directors cut is also an original game I bought. When I use ABGX360 it tellsme that this ISO is not recognized as a XBOX360 ISO or STEALTH FILE (??). When I search the web I find postings that say that Deus ex directors cut is the ONLY game that has no possibility to be installed regulary on hdd...
  7. I hope somebody here can help me... I rip my games to my computer, using Backup Creator. Then I use Iso2God to turn the ISOs to GODs. Then I use Content Manager (FTP) to get all files where they belong on my XBox. Work's perfect, except for: Deus Ex - Human Revolution (Director's Cut) (2DVDs). After I rip this 2 DVDs to my computer, iso2god gets me this error-message: "Could not locate default.xex or default.xbe". I also tried 360mpGui or isoextract, but none of these programs are working with this game... Could somebody PLEASE help me? :-(
  8. These are... FANTASTIC! I can't believe how good they look...! You don't want to make custom skins for Aurora too, don't you?
  9. Ok... Thank you for your answer!
  10. Hello:-) Is there a noob-friendly way to change the colour from Auroras Arcade-DVDs from orange to green (so they could fit perfectly to the rest of the games)?
  11. Thank you! I had to extract the ISOs - like you said! Unlocked and moved them with Content Manager - no XM360 needed. Thank you again!
  12. Thank you very much for your helpful answers. I'll try and unlock RESIDENT EVIL: REVELATIONS 2 using XM360 or - if that fails - I try to transfer the ISO to my Xbox without turning it into a GOD. But - I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge - I don't understand where I should get a default.xex for MONKEY ISLAND SE and where to put it if I have it...
  13. I need help... I use Aurora 0.5b on my RGH Xbox and ALL my many games work perfect, except 2 of them: Monkey Island SE and Resident Evil: Revelations 2. They both are original games I bought on DVD. Here's what I do: I rip my games to my computer, using Backup Creator. Then I use Iso2God to turn the Isos to Gods. At last I use Content Manager (using FTP) to get all files where they belong on my XBox. These are the problems: Monkey Island SE: The Title ID of my game is 4C4107F8. My Xbox can't find a TU (searching XboxUnity I can only find a TU for Monkey Island 2; different ID, Xbox won't find it too). When I start the game I get to the main menu of the game. But when I try to start Part 1 or 2 I always get back to Auroras homescreen... Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Box Set): The Title ID of my game is 43430840. My Xbox won't find a TU (searching XboxUnity I find TU No. 6 with a different Title ID - 5841144C - but my Xbox won't find this TU either). When I start Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (Box Set) I'm only in demo mode... I can play 5 minutes and that's it. The game tells me to buy all episodes, which I already bought on the DVD... Has anyone experienced the same problem? Could anyone please help me?
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