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  1. metalbruce

    Reflowing Reballing Service

    I've used this guy before. Great work!
  2. metalbruce

    [tut]How to setup Aurora with system link

    Well isn't that fancy! Thanks
  3. metalbruce

    [tut]How to setup Aurora with system link

    it's been a while since i played system link but last time i did i remember being able to see a list on a site (jqe360 maybe?) showing how many people were currently playing link and what games where being played. I've got a hankerin' for halo and i wanted to check out if anyone else was playing is there some place i can check and see what games are being played ? i don't see it on xboxunity
  4. metalbruce

    Alien isolation stuck on the doors

    Disc 1 has a content folder which is to be extracted to hd1/content/00000.. Disc 2 is the game - I used iso2god
  5. metalbruce

    Game error

    I believe your dashboard should be at least 16537. I don't know anything about ad-hoc so I can't comment on that. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/3386-tutorial-watch-dogs-installation/#entry26380
  6. metalbruce

    Is RGH worth it

    RGH is great. Your drive would be fine. If you get your xbox disk drive flashed you can install your games by inserting the disc. I don't think anyone will tell you where you can download games on this site. Piracy is not cool. There's lots of great information out there You just have to start searching. Like the tutorial section of the site. Google is good too, I find it's all in how you word your search.
  7. metalbruce

    Game error

    What is your dashboard version? There is a tutorial on how to install watchdogs. Did you installed using this method?
  8. Are you in the retail dash when inserting the USB?
  9. metalbruce

    Waves+ Skin

    Damn, looks great!
  10. metalbruce

    Updating my system and FSD

    You're FSD and kernel are out of date. To play newer games update FSD to rev 775 and kernel to 16547. And also dashlaunch to 3.11
  11. metalbruce

    installing and updating - fresh rgh

  12. metalbruce

    installing and updating - fresh rgh

    Thanks guys ..soo is it ok to install dashlaunch 3.11 with a kernel of 16203? and then update kernel to 16547 then reinstall dashlaunch? not sure if im picking up what your putting down lol
  13. metalbruce

    installing and updating - fresh rgh

    I've got a slim xbox dash 16203 back from the modder guy and i will be bringing everything up to date - such as installing xex menu, installing fsd, installing dashlaunch and bringing the dashboard up to date to 16547. I believe this is the order i should go. tell me if i'm wrong. Question is should does the dashlaunch version matter when i go to install it? Meaning - is it ok to install dashlaunch 3.11 with a dash of 16203? and then update dashboard to 16547. thanks,
  14. metalbruce

    external hd questions

    Thanks Swizzy, your knowledge is appreciated.