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  1. We're not talking about hdd vs ssd. We're talking about 7200rpm vs 5400.
  2. Yeah, I've seen the videos, but they don't specifically always show this on a 360. OS has a lot to do with how hdds respond. So, I thought I'd ask. Ok, cool. Because I can get a TB for very little if I just stick to 5400.
  3. Ok, well I suppose since there's nothing wrong with the current hdd (yet), I can always get a new larger one, try installing Aurora again on the new one, reinstall my games, copy over my saves and do things without the fear of making any serious damage to any of my files. I don't think there's a solution for the music that isn't me just reimporting the music to the new hdd via the XBOX dash. Now, can anyone tell me (there is a lot of conflicting views online) if a 7200rpm drive makes a difference over a 5400? Are we talking a matter of 2-3 seconds in access times or more like 40-50 seconds?
  4. I'll have a look around. I'm just afraid of taking this new hdd and messing up somehow. For example I don't even know what systemlink is. Is there a setup like Aurora that gives me the option for XBOX games even if they're not backwards compatible titles? Does anyone have any clue if I'm going to be able to copy over all my music that's on the hdd currently that I use in in-game music cues of my sports games? I read something recently about certain hdds being necessary for the XBOX to recognise certain DLC or updates? What is that about?
  5. Ok, cool. The problem is, I have Aurora on there right now, saves, lots and lots of music I use in sports games and I wouldn't know how to reinstall Aurora and all the dash stuff. Right, I guess I could just copy ALL saves to a large USB flash drive (there's a lot there)
  6. As time passes, I increasingly come back to the 360 to play games instead of dealing with so many awful games out there today. So I need more than the 120GB on my current rgh console's hdd. 1. What do I use to entirely clone my current hdd (120GB) to a new one? 2. Is this going to in any way affect the rgh on the console? 3. Is there any limit to the size of hdd I can get? 4. It would seem to me an SSD wouldn't make sense in a 360. Is that right? 5. Anything to watch out for like losing saves, etc? Thank you!
  7. Good idea, hadn't thought about that. I'll check it out.
  8. Thanks guys, I hooked up Aurora. Looks fantastic. Turns out there was a lot of artwork that FSD just wasn't getting for me that I'm only now seeing. I juts need to figure out how to connect my XBLA games and emulators.
  9. Ok, cool. I've seen some videos on Youtube now. Any particular instructions for installing this since I already have FSD installed?
  10. Ok well that sounds fantastic because honestly, I am so sick of looking at FSD. I was looking for a replacement recently when i updated the system. Are there specific instructions for installing it? Oh, and can it update my game artwork as well? Is there anything else out there worth looking at?
  11. Well, I use FSD with links to the games on my hdd. Sorry, isn't FSD itself the game launching app?
  12. Yes, of course. I just meant, how do you clone so that I can buy a new hdd and then clone this content that's on here already. Then I at least know the drive isn't damaged. The thing is I can't be sure this hdd isn't damaged because it's been in there for 6 years, reading and writing though mostly reading. Oh, and I found 3 more games that wouldn't boot claiming some sort of error. Had to delete them. Ok, so no benefit from SSD keeps it cheaper, you can get great deals on 1TB 2.5 hdds. With the dashlaunch, I was recently told there was nothing necessarily better than FSD or at least that no major improvements had been made in launchers in the last few years. I don't know Aurora but are there any others as well that I should look at? Keep in mind, I don't use it for audio or video media at all, just to boot games.
  13. Ok, thanks 1. How can I check on problems with the dashlaunch settings? 2. What is the best way to clone this hdd and will the slim 360 take SSDs? Does the 360 even benefit from SSD for booting and playing games?
  14. Has anyone had a game just completely stop working that was installed in FSD? What can cause this? Everything else on the harddrive is running fine and the last time I booted this game it played fine.
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