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    NFL 2K5

    Problem solved. The game was crashing because I hadn't noticed the whole disc wasn't copying in FSD because my HDD was full. 🤦‍♂️
  2. tinpanalley

    NFL 2K5

    I've got all the backwards compatibility files installed on my 360, I've used FSD to copy the original game disc to the hdd, it's visible in FSD and in Aurora. The game launches fine, but after the loading screens before a game, it cuts to black and freezes. I've never heard however of this game having problems, in fact all I see is people playing it on their 360s for years. So, I'm trying to figure out what could possibly be different in my setup. Any help I could get would be awesome. Thanks.
  3. I'll reach you via private message.
  4. I opened up the XBOX to identify it (definitely a 1.6 - Xcalibur video chip) and it is absolutely filthy inside. I was hoping that a good dusting with my Xpower electric duster would maybe help because to be honest the power supply didn't look in any way to be in bad shape other than extraordinarily dusty. The modchip is a Smart-XX. Once I dusted everything thoroughly and reassembled, I noticed that it now responds to the power button. Basically as long as I hold down the power button, the fan spins and I hear something gently clicking inside and the LED on the modchip lights up but the system stops doing this when I let go of the power button. The front eject button LED flickers occasionally as well. It seems to do a little better when the AV cable is plugged in, it flickers green and even temporarily stays on while the disk drive loads up but then dies. I don't even necessarily need to hold it for it to keep trying. Any idea what this is about? So what you're saying is that it would be smart to buy a power supply from another 1.6? What am I looking for to see if it's damaged?
  5. How do I find out what xbox version it was without turning it on? Is there something I can look for? Because if replacing the psu is a plug and play job, I think that's probably the easiest and best way to proceed as well. For the chip I'd have to power on the system to read the info on the start page. Unless there's a way to read the name of the chip inside by opening the console.
  6. Ok, I need time to take all this in. It's been a looong time since I thought about original XBOX modding at all. eeprom, locking unlocking the hdd, etc are things I don't remember. What I have right now is my 13 year old unit that doesn't seem to power up anymore as of two nights ago. I need to first figure out what are my options for repairing that and whether that's something I can do by buying something (internal power logic board or something) that can be replaced internally without soldering. Because I'm certain it's probably just a loose or damaged power jack thing. Then if physical damage can't be fixed, then I'd be willing to look into buying a new console cheap and soft or hard modding it. Also, there is a perfectly fine working Xecuter chip already in my console I could probably reuse. in another one.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'm confused though, I thought people were suggesting that the hdd thing wasn't an issue anymore on a softmod? Is that not true?
  8. Ok, cool. Didn't know that. Well, it seems that there's very little reason anymore to hardmod an original xbox then.
  9. With softmodding is it true that I'll be limited to specific hard drives for adding more storage?
  10. Is it something very complicated to do? Does it involve soldering? Because if it's just plugging in a new power supply in the system that's not so bad. Or is it really something a tech should do?
  11. Not sure I understand. What do you mean, "you would need a game"? But otherwise, modchips are no longer necessary then?
  12. My original XBOX may have finally died after about 13 years. Unfortunately it is chipped and therefore a massive shame because I had it set up beautifully and was still playing games on it. I think it's a power thing because nothing else has happened to it since I last played it a week ago. I tried three different power cables. Anyway, my question is, if I were to pick up another one, do you even need modchips any more for these or is there a reliable soft mod that works just as well? Thanks for any help!
  13. So if I have a 360 on the latest version of the dash and running Aurora, is there a way that I can just get an XBOX original ISO on my system and start playing?
  14. We're not talking about hdd vs ssd. We're talking about 7200rpm vs 5400.
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