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  1. Open scene.xur and lift up Tabs (Tabs1 and others) to first place.
  2. jack-x

    Waves+ Skin

    Almost correct. I made some paid for people. Not all shown on youtube. I spent a lot of time on some skins because it needs to be fully redesigned from scratch including new animation, UI, default.xex, etc. It's not just changing of default skin (as people do here). When I'll be home I'll post download link on WAVE skin it's based on ceramic but have Sony waves and only one background (you can see it in the end of video) + little redisigned because Ceramic is paid skin and I can't post it here because it was made exclusively. I'll back at spring.
  3. jack-x

    Waves+ Skin

    Waves+ Skin for FSD 3.0 Rev 775 (BETA) P.S: Unfortunately skin will be upload TBA, because I don't have free time to finish it. All my free time I spent on getting money. Can make any skin on any taste for money. Donation is not necessary but will accelerate its creation.
  4. Hi. Find very interesting bag in FSD 3. Game title not shown in banners and cover mode (Game library style) but shown in coverflow and icon's style. Any Ideas? It uses same container in all four styles but working only too. And if skin unpacked it hang up when trying to access to the library and no problem when skin packed in xzp. And it's Default skin!!! Help to fix it game title text? P.S. One more bag detected when quit game library (coverflow mode) to main menu rgb color of screen changes from 24bit to 8bit.... The problem is coverflow used 8bit vertex / sheders engine with low pallete color and not switch back it when quit. Fsd 2.2 boot faster and library show all dvd covers instantly despite on this V3 fsd wichil crashing time to time... Need to use v3 because of all mygrated on system link plugin.
  5. I had 2 skins developed about 1 month. It's need too many time to convert it to 3.0. If it was simple I don't post it here. I only ask to move api from one xex to another. I have both code if smbd can help
  6. Hi. Can smbd fix weather API on FSD 2.2 version? I Found API section on 3.0 version and tried to replace in in 2.2 (with hex). But unfortuantely first part of 3.0 code (http) is little longer than in 2.2 and when to past insert it in file the length is changed and xex not working then. Need help.
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