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  1. why did you qouted me ? i am waiting for the answer "where are those 3 files with xdk"
  2. where are the 3 files that are required to compile translation please ????
  3. in this post swizzy shows how to make language pack he says we need 3 files to compile the language but i can't find the 3 files https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/3753-aurora-translation-tool/
  4. i am trying to add another language to aurora but first i wanted to make sure that i am doing right, i downloaded en-us.xml but then i checked the locale folder in aurora there was xzp files now what do i have to do ? edit the xzp or xml and i viewed your topic you said that i need language.dat and icon.png i can make icon with photoshop but what about language.dat ? how can i make that
  5. i don't have time to read your words sorry and again sorry cause i didn't understand that you mean they give wifi free and i didn't know i am not able to talk about piracy here but i saw many threads that are helpful for jtag/rgh i fixed many problems on this thread if i broke the rules then you can ban me
  6. is this forum for joking or questions ? i can't even understand lol
  7. when i download big size files my internet speed slows down till other month
  8. dude i didn't found gta sa xbox 360 version that was 2.05 and i don't know why every xbox 360 iso game has 7gb when you want to download it even tetris has 7 gb :l (maybe)
  9. does gta sa 360 version have 2 player ? and i downloaded original xbox gta sa because it's low sized the gta sa 360 version is 7 gb but original xbox is 2gb
  10. check this thread https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/jtag-cant-play-xbox-classic.1701899/ i fixed it and people should check that link to see how to fix gta san andreas xbox original not working it was easy
  11. i did like what modded warfare did taz wanted game is working but gta san andreas is not working and it is xbe i get error (this original xbox game has encountered a problem)
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