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  1. Xbox Invaders - Released!

    Great to have a game based on aurora, it would be great launching 0.7b together
  2. NOVA - The Future of LiNK

    This is really fantastic to be able to know when the friend is online, years have passed since this provocative advertisement I do not know of any things if it can take years or even months this is indeterminate for us to think aurora follows with its release every year while NOVA must come Maybe in the very distant future and maybe we will not have as many users on the system link as today ...
  3. [REQ] Latest Minecraft TU54 (58)

    TU 59: https://mega.nz/#!AdI3kJLI!rKma_SbukE4jFMdn1hjxIvN7awMZn_utK5QxUCgid6Y
  4. Netflix for RGH = [.23/06/2017.] __Update 15/10/17

    Are you able to create a trainer for this type of situation?
  5. Netflix for RGH = [.23/06/2017.] __Update 15/10/17

    Swizzy and the team can figure out where the error is and can put it like it's a patch to put into other apps
  6. [Script] Text Viewer

    Could have a function of editing the text ,Thanks
  7. [REQ] Minecraft Title Update 53 For Xbox

    TU 58: https://mega.nz/#!oEBzGaoQ!XiJq-YEJKMji1qAVjDbybWFooD6FAeOcVaQXDEohYF4
  8. [Script] Unity LiNK Info

    I just tested the script and it really makes it much easier for my life, first of all thanks for this incredible work that I always hoped to have in aurora, I hope it comes next v2, v3 ... with improvements; Hugs
  9. [Script] Unity LiNK Info

    Could have icons of the games being played on the system link It is also interesting to remove these ------------------ from the script
  10. [Skin] Material

    1st - You could put a different animation at the start of the day. Intro Here: Intro - Aurora 2nd - you could put a greyish color on the panel behind the covers of the games where it is currently white. 3rd - when pressed back and opens that panel next to it I think I should have another color not set yet I will think about, and also another sound that has more expensive material than the current one that resembles old FSD 775. For now these are my suggestions, thank you.
  11. [Skin] Material

    Congratulations on correcting the problem, I have some suggestions for your skin in case you want to know tell me.
  12. [Skin] Material

  13. [Skin] Material

    Can be problem with multi languages of some texts that can break the console when it is opened such function I and rubens we use the same language
  14. [Skin] Material

    I and my friends also have this problem the freezing is done when we enter certain places like screen view among others
  15. [REQ] Minecraft Xbox 360 - October 28 TU Update (Latest)

    Anyone with the TU 57 link?