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  1. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    that option that had that opened chat support with Xbox Unity users is still or has it been removed?
  2. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    can it come in the same pictures from when the project started years ago, I think who in 2015?
  3. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    NOVA will be released along with aurora 0.7b or will it be at different times?
  4. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    if webui has not been tested yet will this probably lead to aurora being released next year? or will it be tested by the community?
  5. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    that good to know how things are going around, I thought a lot and for me I choose to webui, with its new encryption HTTPS instead of NETiso since I have all my games in my HD and would not need said, conect x is similar and does well work ,. Thank you all and have a Merry Christmas!🥂
  6. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    I am available to translate to portuguese brazilian whenever you want
  7. My xbox is having problems with FPS crash

    already done that, exchange of thermal paste and total cleaning of the console, tested with other HD and the same problem persists
  8. My xbox is having problems with FPS crash

    Hello everyone of this forum my xbox 360 is having a hard time playing heavy games like the Farcry series, Tomb Raider and GTA V among other open world games that requires a lot of the console. But what makes me crazy is that in 90% of the games in my xbox like COD, BLUR, Dants Inferno among the others Flows very well, I already tested removing the HD from the console playing only on disk but the problem persists, reviewed and tested on another TV and everything worked fine only in my FULL HD is having this problem in just a few games, here are the suspect possives and that were already tested by me 1st Ja tested the games with this problem with another storage device 2nd Ja tested the game without HD only with the disk 3rd already reset the video configurations of the console and use 1360x768 4º I have prepared and updated with a nand of the console totally cleaned through the gg auto 5th has already been replaced the console thermal folder 6th dash launch as configured for the first time 7th tested with 3 different HDMI cable types I do not know what to do, it's a TV problem, not a console, but it's hard to understand that the problem is only solved by heavy games where the console slows down to open the main HUB. But what actually happens with my xbox? it works in a way that makes the game slow when turning the camera around as if it were a PC running under FPS In what frequency does he work? currently is 60 hz along with my TV FULL HD that always worked well, but I do not know what happened. Thank you all for your help
  9. Xbox Invaders - Released!

    Great to have a game based on aurora, it would be great launching 0.7b together
  10. NOVA - The Future of LiNK

    This is really fantastic to be able to know when the friend is online, years have passed since this provocative advertisement I do not know of any things if it can take years or even months this is indeterminate for us to think aurora follows with its release every year while NOVA must come Maybe in the very distant future and maybe we will not have as many users on the system link as today ...
  11. [REQ] Latest Minecraft TU54 (58)

    TU 59: https://mega.nz/#!AdI3kJLI!rKma_SbukE4jFMdn1hjxIvN7awMZn_utK5QxUCgid6Y
  12. Netflix for RGH = [.23/06/2017.] __Update 15/10/17

    Are you able to create a trainer for this type of situation?
  13. Netflix for RGH = [.23/06/2017.] __Update 15/10/17

    Swizzy and the team can figure out where the error is and can put it like it's a patch to put into other apps
  14. [Script] Text Viewer

    Could have a function of editing the text ,Thanks
  15. [REQ] Minecraft Title Update 53 For Xbox

    TU 58: https://mega.nz/#!oEBzGaoQ!XiJq-YEJKMji1qAVjDbybWFooD6FAeOcVaQXDEohYF4