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  1. I have a lot to thank you and the whole team involved in these things, especially @felida for having done several tutorial videos here on the Hudscenes, I learned a lot about it, each one has always done their part here in the forum, thanks for everything.
  2. I fixed this Script: https://github.com/fabriciomg/AuroraScripts/tree/patch-2/UtilityScripts enjoy
  3. user: fabricioinfotec000 email: fabricio56789@gmail.com Password reset. It still does not allow to log in with the received password.
  4. that would be good, but this will depend on a server on the other side like the XBLS plugins, and the idea is not to do something that depends on the internet but something you can get without Xbox live ...
  5. not exactly, editing aurora hudscenes only makes things limited to it (like for example to translate texts and to change some things like color of the buttons with colored texts,), with this plugin I can change the visuals of the xbox 360 notifications and the HUD images and icons of the original xbox that also applies in NXE/ Aurora / FSD, but if you limit yourself with aurora plugins I could never do this, same as the images in the post the project that goes beyond what Begal did, lol.
  6. for me too I was not able to compile because I got this error
  7. really, it's a bummer to see every version without our languages even giving support and translating
  8. I was disappointed at one point, why did not they put the portuguese-brazil language together in the hotfix that came? I did the translation work and it's in the community, I do not know why they ignore my language. 😔
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