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  1. after years without making Skins for Aurora 0.7 today SKIN VENOM+AVATAR FOR AURORA_0.7B i hope you like i TMJ LINK TO DOWNLOAD ON THE BLOGGER DOWNLOAD AQUI
  2. OdiN

    help skin

  3. OdiN

    help skin

    someone help me remove these tags from the program's images
  4. OdiN

    help skin

    Xbox UI Tool - [Aurora_Main] 2021-12-22 19-19-58.mp4
  5. a tribute to the king of pop music- Smooth Criminal with an animation dancing I left everything dark to combine i left a dark blue to match with black > DOWNLOAD <
  6. how do i shoot the games from main.xur What do I have to edit or delete? as in freestyle having the separate games category
  7. As I said before, I wanted for hour and year. but the dawn can not
  8. google translate Wrong in translation again
  9. Glad you liked it, could have gotten better. but the dawn has its limits
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