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  1. Hello xbox community . Recenty purchased a 360 slim CORONA RGH2 glitch 2 console. Installed latest dashlaunch and set all three target temps to 60 with the cpu override option being off. And it worked great until i wanted to increase the target temps cause i felt the fan was too loud. Increased them to 63 saved config and rebooted . Temperature now exceeds the values set as obviously the dashlaunch control stopped working properly . Tested the manual cpu override and it works fine. Uninstalled and reinstalled the latest dashlaunch but the target temps control just isnt working . The fan still speeds up and down in terms of regular syscon values . So the fan clearly works fine its just that the dashlaunch target temps dont affect it. Tried phoenix temp manager but same result. Reflashed the console with the latest kernel with smc settings edited via Jrunner ,same result . I noticed in J runner the smc config temp targets were same as the ones i set in Dashlaunch which means the config is fine and updates after i set it up but again the fan doesn't react to it. Hope someone experienced something similiar and willing to help.
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