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  1. I have an old xbox 360 zenon motherboard with flashed dvd drive, if I update it to latest 17559 dash will dvd drive still read any discs or will it unflash my drive?
  2. Installed Aurora 0.7b.1 and set scan paths but it did not find all the games , I set the scan paths to the paths I have in my Freestyle dash 3 Rev783 ... Aurora 0.7b.1 may be more stable etc but I think I will stick to Freestyle dash 3 Rev783 as I can still download covers and title updates.Each to their own I suppose.
  3. I used xeBuild_GUI_2.098_17559 to create updflash.bin for my jtag Jasper did not set xell to default (DVD eject button)...As I have everything set up on my rgh Jasper all the paths etc, Is there a way to change xellreloaded to dvd eject button without having to create a new updflash.bin image?
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