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  1. @Johnwonsewitz Hi, yeah I did enable the update, the problem is it is the incorrect update for the disc ID I have.
  2. Hi, Well, that's a blast from the past :) I never found the relevant title updates, so I'm glad to hear you might be able to supply them. Could you please post the link? With kindest regards, komisar
  3. Hello everyone, I'm looking for the latest TU for Mafia II with Title ID 545407E6, Media ID 32DFB07A, base version 00000001. Some DLCs won't work without the latest TU. Thanks in advance.
  4. Can someone please point me to TU download for Media ID 108283C4? Help is appreciated.
  5. Hi, a total Xbox 360 here. Recently I decided to venture into the world of consoles for the first time so I bought a RGH slim model which has Aurora 0.7 and FreeStyle 3 installed. Due to aesthetic reasons I decided to stick with Aurora which is also very noob friendly. But I have a few questions: 1. Aurora shows that I have DashLaunch plugin installed and when I checked the settings I noticed that the multi disc autoswap functionality was disabled so I enabled it through the DashLaunch installer. Is this ok or does Aurora use its own disc swapping routine? The main reason for this question is that I read Aurora uses a FSD plugin for this feature but I can't find it anywhere under installed modules. 2. My games library consists of extracted images (xex) and I know that there are different types of multi-disc games. So I know where to place the content folder files but I'm unclear on the games that are different. I decided to extract those games in the following manner: HDD1:\Games\Game\<Disc 1 content> HDD1:\Games\Game\Disc 2\<Disc 2 content> etc. I would like to know if this folder structure is correct and if the disc swapping routine (question 1) will handle it correctly? Any help would be appreciated.
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