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  1. Hey guys, I want to try to port or recreate the Blades UI from the Xbox 360 to Aurora, either from scratch or by porting the Skin from this gux => And I saw some skins for Aurora which are pretty impressive, so I believe that creating Blades or even NXE wont be impossible... But there is a catch... I never worked with XUI or else before, I use to modify anything I can or want but this isn't that simple... I firstly tried to dirty copy-paste-replace what I could... aaannnd bricked Aurora ... So I guess, I have to start from the very beginning like simple text and buttons to small easy transitions and so on but at first, I have to know how Aurora treats a skin like in C++ Which one is the main file? Where are the headers or references? Limitation? Possibility for a live test/modding/debugging like with coverflows? ... So... if there are any suggestions how or where I can start... Or tools, I have XDK 21256.3 ready with the Aurora Extension and XZP Tools... Best Regards Pascal
  2. Yeah, I did... PSX-Scene but response is almost equals zero... I feel like being the last PS2/PS1 Gamer/Collector like in Star Wars 7/8 with Luke Skywalker, far far away from the society...
  3. ๐Ÿ˜• oohh---kay? So mine is probably semi broken or whet ever?
  4. Ahhh, sad... I thought that the emulator from the 2nd Gen can be "ported" to the other consoles.. PCSX2 doesn't work on my PC ^^ AMD Phenom II X4 945 w/ AMD Radeon HD 6950 so lack of SSE3/4 and HW-Decoder...
  5. A pal gift me his old PS3 Phat (3. / G-Generation) which works but the HDMI is dead (duuhh) but luckily, I own a small PS2-to-HDMI Converter (basically just Y/Pb/Pr to HDMI) and this work damn good, I played almost two days รก 15h PS1 Games via webMAN Mod 1.47.08 and Rebug 4.82.2 REX and there were no problems! So I started figuring out, how to play PS2 ISO whose definitely works on my PS2 Slim, so I just shoveled them into /dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/... (ATM Champions of Norrath, Ratchet & Clank 3 and Sly Racoon the first game) and guess what => Loaded, started, couple seconds of black screen... then "No signal" and again couple seconds of black screen BUT in NTSC-Mode instead of PAL and then nothing ^^ TV complains about "No signal" and PS3 is somehow frozen... Touching the PowerButton? Nope Eject Button? Double/Tripple beep (NoDVD inside duuhh...) Holding PowerButton? A beep and then... shortly a black screen (NTSC) and then again "No Signal"... PS3 still frozen or working, I dunno... fan still spinning... Again holding PowerButton? See above ... So the only thing I can do it kill the power and COLD reboot... then, I can see the XMB in PAL and yeah... I tried to install the PS2 Classic Loader, activated with reActPSN (User aa changed to reActPSN v2.0 <Random Char>) but nothing worked. Created/Converted PS2 ISO to PS2 Classic (.enc and .pkg) and still nothing... Original PS2 Disc (DVD and CD) but also nothing... I tried to make a ISO with multiMAN, checked MD5 via ManaGunz but still nothing... I (then) installed REBUG 4.82.2 LITE (over 4.82.2 REX), I thought MAYBE installation was faulty but still nothing changed... except I had REBUG in lite ^^ NOW I have REBUG 4.82.2 REX (Cobra active, PS2 Emu in Cobra not original, DEX is active, ToggleQA is active, ...) So am I missing something or doing something wrong or is it really as I read randomly, that ONLY the 1st and 2nd NTSC Gen were able to play PS2 Games but European Consoles aren't capable except the 2nd Gen one? Is it eventually worth to mention, that I also can't access the Recovery Menu with the phat PS3? ALSO worth to mention: After launching a PS2 Game, NEVER EVER received a message, that I have to create a MemoryCard for the PS2 first! On PS1 Games it appeared immediately after launch but on PS2 Games, nothing... Is it possible, that I use a "semi-bricked" console or something else?
  6. Just to be short because yeah... I have 4 Xbox 360 at the moment; X360 Jasper (works fine except drive get stuck and wont come out, an blank CD inside will fix that) X360 Slim Trinity RGH(works perfectly fine) X360 Slim Corona V1/V3/V5 (works fine) X360 Slim Corona V2/V4 RGH(which have "drunk" DVD Drive) Why drunk? Because it act weird... when it comes about reading disc... It can read DVD fine, CD also fine BUT X360 Games is like "maybe I'm in good mood or not" and no, the Game works fine on every other console except this one! I also realized that sometimes it just randomly work and then suddenly don't... then I clear the cache over and over, maybe restart the console also and then it sudden did or not People suggest me to adjust any magic screw inside the drive but wait a minute... DVDs also DoubleLayer works fine but when it is an X360 Game, then only randomly... This doesn's sound like a error with the DVD Drive, more like a bug or else... and YES, this error was there BEFORE I made the RGH, this was also the Reason why I RGH this console ^^ So yeah, if anyone have some suggestion/fixxes, I'd like to appreciate them and hopefully, this console will work properly and yes, I do own them BUT they aren't used by me ^^
  7. YYEEAAHH! I SCREMED THE SHIT OUT OF THE HOUSE WHEN I RECEIVED THE MESSAGE!!!!!!!!! And sooon.... I'll making scripts c:
  8. No language settings in the game... in fact, it happens to me more than one that a game was in english instead of german :/Skyrim also! With Skyrim, I had to make a RIP of the game and change manually the settings with an editor. Speech/Voice were still in english but the text was germen Also not?! Then Happy New Year [emoji14] Transmitted by Elephone P3000s I have no Internet in my xboxTransmitted by Elephone P3000s
  9. Language is German and region is grayed out but set to Germany... Oh, wrong time? Then I say Happy Easter ^^
  10. Hey Guys (and Swizzy ^^), I recently installed Mass Effect from my friend on my RGH Xbox 360 but I realized that the games isn't german in my case, it's in english... I checked the console setting more than once and I changed the region in dashlaunch from 0x7fff (devkit/all) to 0x02FE (PAL/EU) but it's still in english. Not my problem but sometimes I prefer the german language, my friend too so what could be wrong? I post here the AGBX log (which says, that there is a german language available!) Hope someone could help me and I wish you a merry christmas (xD) LG AntiVirGear
  11. ups, that is suspicious O_o Normally, boot sticks are formatted FAT32 EDIT: Okay, I have to apologize to everyone for my mistake. Obviously, my boot-sticks were formated as NTFS/MBR instead of FAT32/MBR and this was the reason, why the xbox formatted them again but as superfloppy... I dunno why I didn't realized that, even if everyone says, that NTFS is NOT bootable for installing Windows or else... SORRY ._.
  12. MBR yes but not for their own content! If I try to copy with aurora any content on an usb-stick with FAT32/MBR, the drive doesn't even shown by the filemanager. In System => Storage there will be my drive but marked as "unformatted" ...
  13. Yes, it support FATA32 but not as MBR/GPT for their content, only super-floppy and unfortunately, windows-user never realize that until they us it on linux or want to access the data with some special programs. No, not fatx, that was the old format. As I remember, before the metro-update came out, they added the supperfloppy format for easy backups, restore, ... if you just wanted a specific file or else. I dunno what M$ thought about that but never mind, the fatx usb-drive is obsolete (since metro-update never saw again but I still have a backup from a fatx drive (3 files))
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