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  1. I deleted the system update folder and now it works
  2. Hi guys, so I today I got Farming Simulator 15, i extracted it using Xbox360ImageBrowser and FTP it to my console. I launch the game no problem, but when i start a new career/tutorial, it freezes at the loading screen. I tried putting it into GOD, and it worked with GOD, but the problem is I cant have the game GODed on my console since there is not enough disc space. Why doesnt it work without GOD?
  3. IF i do it manually now it Works but download missing assets Button stil doesnt
  4. I have tried doing it manually to the ones who dontnhave it and it on!y refreshes the cover
  5. It still doesnt work... Is it becouse im connected to the internet via a laptop?
  6. Itd a premium with a jesper chip Are the temps for the xenon the same
  7. Hi, what are the default teamperetures gor an Xbox 360 phat
  8. Hi, so on aurora covers download perfectly but when i use download missing assets it do3snt do anything. My xbox is connected to internet via lapto used as a wireless adapter...
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