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  1. Hello, I dont know alot about that RGH thing, and all of that but a long time ago I updated my nand to the latest nand and now I dont know how to get to the FSD menu where you can play your games. When I boot up my console it gets into the original xbox menu Instead of getting into the FSD menu where I want it to boot into. what do I do to fix that. thank's for the helpers.
  2. I no I'm not able to open any of them because It only enters the normal xbox 360 menu and not the fsd if I could enter fsd I would'nt have any problems at all and I dont have any burn able disk or any cd drive
  3. I'd like a lue compiler could you please link me into one?
  4. Is there any chance anyone links me to a tutorial about how to prepare dashlaunch for that newes kernal for corona4g console that realy screw's me up because I cant play any games sins I only access the normal xbox 360 menu and not fsd and I cant access the xeBuilt
  5. I'm also waiting for the new dashlaunch to support the new kernel because I updated my xbox 360 console with it and now I cant do any thing not even to update that to the old kernal sins I have a 4g corona console and I cant re nand from the xell
  6. Well ahh one problem : I do have that on my usb hard drive but I dont know how to access that, I was accessing that through the FSD menu but now I cant sins I cant get into FSD menu
  7. I did what you said it still doesnt get in the FSD menu but I'm able to get into that peggle game through the xbox 360 menu without it asking me to update and I cant access my games by the way I updated my nand to the newest version 2.0.16747
  8. When I go to "My Games" with xbox 360 normal menu(not the FSD menu) and hit A on piggle or what ever that is the system asks me that it needs to do some security updates (It does that with the xbox 360 pop up message) and I'm afraid that's not the nand updates they are looking for so should I agree to that or that's not what you meant
  9. I followed your tutorial up to Step 8) Installing the Avatar Data using using the xebuild now I have the %SystemUpdate folder on the hard drive with the launch.ini file and from here I dunno what to do I still have that FSD menu problem, and how tha hell do you answer that fast.
  10. Well yes I did but I could'nt check the open parameter thing sins I work with a laptop and I cant scroll to there But I did it with a computer and flashed it using your flasher now when I boot up my xbox 360 with the usb hard drive in there it does'nt get in the FSD menu it goes to the normal xbox 360 menu with my users
  11. So I need to do this with xell or rawfish? because I didnt get if (Corona motherboards aren't fully supported) refers to "the method for corna mother" boards or that "method does'nt support it"? and I used your flasher "Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.2" and where is that root of the usbkey for the xell method
  12. In your tutorial when I update the nand with the simple nand flash 360 methode it says some thing about spared data that the machine doesnt need and then counts down from 5 to 0 and shuts it down also when I generate that udtflash file it says that it cant determine if the nand is too small or big (This sign that the nand is not properly dumpd
  13. I'm just looking for a program called flash 360 to update my dash to 16756 like the guy in this video does and I dont manage to find that any where
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