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Found 5 results

  1. What kinda mods do you suggest converting to enhance my overall play? If it helps I love magic, but the spells in the vanilla game are lacking I also like archery and thievery.
  2. I came across a problem with a DLC for the game batman arkham origins This dlc, needs TITLE UPDATE 4 to work This title update comes with updated default.xex wich is one of those that doesnt loads the game from any dashboard or even launching from the browser`(gives an error message and takes back to aurora launcher) So you have to run the game from an alternative .xex file included (in this case is the file SP.xex) Thing is, game shows up ok in aurora's list, but i cant load it directly from there, i have to browse to that sp.xex file and load it there Hence my suggestion/request Btw thanks fot this great dash, really looking forward to the new update Thanks!
  3. Hi, I wanna to request something which is often seen from emulators: Savestates. Reason: Who don't know that moment, you play something like Splinter Cell Conviction, there is a fight or something else and sometimes, you are tired about trying and failing the last part of a level before you can save. Happens oftenly in Alien Isolation or Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) because... THE FUCKING GAME CRASHES SOMEWHERE AND I DUNNO HAVE A LOG ABOUT IT!... Ok... srsly... that's not so nice... but as mentioned before, there are many games where you can not safe there, where you want or make more than one safe... without any large sentences, it's possible because the RAM of the 360 is only 512mb big so in worst case, dumping the full RAM if needed, will take 50sec which is acceptable if you think about how many new ways you'll get or profit from this function. I know that making savestate don't always work like I think, that there are probably smarter and faster ways but anyway, I would like to suggest this function which would be cool Hope we can discuss about it. Have a nice Day Pascal
  4. I always think that be good to have a chat box in http://xboxunity.net/ because all gamers come there to upload/dowload cover TUS ect i will be good to meet other peolpe to play with and it have a filter to chat with people of your same language what do you think?
  5. First off. Thank you for F3....Simply Amazing! (so Far) My suggestion is to have a "return to games" button within the games list on the http client. Like many others i can't get the covers to download automatically (read the tuts, followed them to the law, and nothing I couldn't manage it in FSD 2.2. So the problem looks like it's me!) so i update my game covers over http, and i think it would help a lot to have this "return to games" button at the bottom of the page next to the "save details" button to return me to the game list i was in. When the details are saved, the page stays at the bottom of the page and then you have to scroll up, select games list and then which ever list you were in and find your game you just updated! Sounds lazy i know! But with a large collection of titles and it can get a bit tedious! And it would be convenient. Don't know if this is even possible? but i thought i would throw it out there for my 1st post. Keep up the great work, Thanks.
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