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  1. great news! that filemanager is a must have for me. and adding game names to xbla folders was an excellent idea so looking forward to this feature, also maybe an option to browse through game type, instead of using the filters, (maybe switching with RB and LB) i mean.. one screen for xbla games, other for xbox360 games, other for homebrew soft, other for emulator, etc...
  2. i tried, but if i do that, i have to get rid of the original default.xex, game loads, but doesnt loads the TU, hence not loading the DLC.
  3. I came across a problem with a DLC for the game batman arkham origins This dlc, needs TITLE UPDATE 4 to work This title update comes with updated default.xex wich is one of those that doesnt loads the game from any dashboard or even launching from the browser`(gives an error message and takes back to aurora launcher) So you have to run the game from an alternative .xex file included (in this case is the file SP.xex) Thing is, game shows up ok in aurora's list, but i cant load it directly from there, i have to browse to that sp.xex file and load it there Hence my suggestion/request Btw thanks fot this great dash, really looking forward to the new update Thanks!
  4. excellent! i find hard to watch the lighter colours combination in the default skin, can we have an english version please?
  5. Some of my xbla games aren't uploaded in unity's game database, hence it's not downloading any artwork for them. i dont know if i could upload them to be integrated in the database or manually adding like in fsd for example: BIONIC COMMANDO : REARMED titile id: 58410937 Frogger: Hyper arcade edeition title id: 584111F9 Pirates vs ninjas dball title id: 584108dd btw: where can i find info about the right way to upload missing covers to unity.net's database? thanks in advance guys
  6. using this right now, thanks!
  7. thanks, and thank you for the explanation on the "powers of 2" i was having ttrouble converting some images with that msg, i'll try to re-convert in those zises. btw, what can i use to edit splashcreen.xur ? i've readed that xuitool can make that, but it asks me for other files to open (.xui files)
  8. all i know its the file splash.dds that needs to be edited, but i dont know what zise it has to be, or what software use to create it. thanks in advance.
  9. fernsx

    Custom FSD Splash

    nice one, can anybody please post a splash.sdd ready with this one? thanks.
  10. yeah! this game is listed as sistem link capable, but where's the option to access/play it???
  11. fernsx

    WEBUI: Cant access

    there ya go! thanks
  12. can't enter web ui 192.168.xxx.xxx.:9999 it keeps asking me for user and pass, even y disable HTTP autheticaion and set my own user and password, tried fsdhttp (prevoiously worked like that, bue i forgot that user/pass and tried my own, now nothing works) i can enter 192.186.xxx.xxx:80 which is the regular http server for things like, setting the games covers y tried: - fsdhttp (user/pass) - restarting fsd - restarting the console - cleaning browser chache (chrome) - iexplorer - opened 9999 port nothing.. user/pass box keeps popping
  13. you both have the same REGION games? i think most people uses Region Free, if you got your games ripped you can replace your friend's default.xex from blackops2 with yours and give it a try.. i got blackops 2 region free and no problems..
  14. security answer for registration in JQE360 is : FSD
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