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  1. just download the US version
  2. I am reuploading them now i edited the links
  3. i am not the creator of this skin i just want to share it with you guys. Looking tonight for something different and retro look what i found.... just make me think in that first day...... i think looks a lot better than today's.. just like a game console shut.... Psychomantis59 the designer appearance FSD Gx-mod.com, today issued a revision of its wonderful skin to "Blade" in 2005 (the first dashboard XBOX360) appointed PréNXE 775. This new version is designed to last FSD3.rev775 on kermel 16537. But it also works on the lower Kermels. You will find all the history of this skin in this article from May 2013 For a brief, it supports Kinect and voice commands and gestures, it also brings a host of handy shortcuts that you do not have skin in the SDF base, such as disabling the plugin Link to play true multi network -consoles, the launch of the last game played via HUD, the explorer etc ... and various options available through both HUD (left and right) Available in both U.S. and French versions, the archives contain an installation tools and text files for further customization, such as adding music of his choice or Glass / Carbon tabs appearance. For Fr version, do not forget to replace your defaut.xex FSD by that contained in the archive, it allows the complete translation of FSD and skin. Join us in thanking Pyschomantis59 for the exclusivity of its skin, and its efforts and monitoring. [uPDATE] 09.12.2013 U.S. version EN Changelog: - Added function "scan" in HUD Left - Crop. - Bug - Acknowledgements ================================= French and English Code:PRENXEv2_US_775.rar (80.7 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!dkURjJ5J!OKPK5VmzwBweuLOzpk75dgFBtjEeDzB1VHafHtEjxEM PRENXE+FR+775+Addons.rar (97.3 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!w5dmyIhT!ABveZQ6zq_uut2lSOldrmHdMxj1bwEgN2fuMZVS4UBo ================================= CARBON Blades Pre-NXE 2005 (EN-US) Code: CarbonPRENXE.rar (77.6 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!to1GCALB!93cxUQLQHukGFIVpcVEu6utw6k6VqUdtABu03CgitYs ================================= Screenshot: Sample:
  4. even if the console is hacked or not you have to buy it so where is the problem?
  5. try the "XBOX360 ISO Extract" google it for download
  6. THIS IS AWESOME NEWS NICE WORK AND THANKS FOR SHARING!!! i found a "problem" i don't know if is a problem. from the start you have to move the left thumbstick twice to go to the next tab. i am waiting for kinect version too
  7. Maybe the guy who made this one can help you?
  8. this is awesome skin i love it cant wait to test it i am stick with the "Content Search Button" and if can you set the "other" tab to "kinect" tab and make it visible at the front or something similar ? ("Other" in paths setup)
  9. aelchris

    XBLA setup question.

    install XM360 on your xbox and scan your HDD you will find some instructions in google about this program
  10. aelchris

    Live Profile

    just connect your Xbox HDD to your PC open it with "Party Buffalo" go to Content (Directory) and copy everything except the "00000..." (Directory) Then Copy them to your Jtag HDD Content (Directory). and you are done.
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