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  1. No I didn't set a path for the f3 plugin in DL I know aurora or alternatively f3 handles the loading lol. When I mean aurora loading faster than f3 due to bootanim, I mean if the bootvideo is long after it finishes playback usually aurora loads faster because of the longer playback time of the video. Anyway the bootanim.xex isn't the problem because I recently updated to 17511 and DL 3.18 and the original bootanim file was restored so I removed the bootanim.xex entry from DL. This is somehow internet related because if there is no internet everything loads just fine but if I connect to the web and I leave it like that I cant bootup it freezes just when aurora is about to show the main screen and that is usually when the f3 plugin loads(i think). So to fix this I usually just insert a usb with an empty ini file disconnect from the web from nxe and reboot and everything works afterwards. The freeze is similar to the systemlink shutdown glitch. I guess the console freezes because when aurora is loading stuff that exact moment is very resource intensive and if the f3 plugin is trying to shutdown the console in that exact moment it just freezes because it runs out of memory even the power led turns off. I could be wrong this is just a theory but what I am certain about is that this is caused somehow by an active internet connection and the f3 plugin.
  2. Nope hdd is fine I scanned it with hddsentinel and there are no bad blocks , also hdd is internal. The lag is gone and I figured its the f3 plugin causing this issue. I cant even turn on my console if the internet is connected. Everything loads fine until the f3 plugin kicks in. If aurora manages to load before the f3 plugin then everything is fine but if the plugin manages to load before aurora and internet is connected then the console just freezes power led goes off and I need to hard reset . And the reason why sometimes aurora loads before the f3 plugin because I have bootanim videos and not all of them are the same length. Never had issues with external hdd's even with hddalive off. Modern ext hdd's turn on and off very quickly, so lag that may be caused by and idle drive may be at most 1-2 seconds but the lag that I used to experience was persistent.
  3. At first I used to think that the freezes were caused by the"steam" skin even tho the skin is very minimalist. Then I reverted back to the stock skin but the freezes still persisted. The freezes only happen on aurora startup and the freeze even causes the power LED to go off. Things get even weirder I've been also been experiencing lag on some xbla games. And i'm starting to think that all of this is somehow related to the F3 plugin. Not to mention LiNK is also constantly shutting down my console randomly even tho I disabled RSS. The console shutdown and Link are old issues but now cant even play 5 min, w/o having my xbox turn off.Im seriously starting to consider downgrading to 0.5. Version 0.6 feels like F3 and I hated F3 ever since I first installed it on my xbox. Now im not expecting shit to get fixed anytime soon and aurora is still in beta and I know I'm taking a risk by installing it but dear devs keep focus on at least the core functionality. Imo people asking for features like fan control and disk ripping and other nonsense that is already here and then whining for a new dashboard,like a lot of people did with v0.6 should get out of the house more often. (good god the teaser thread for 0.6 was cancerous as fuck, no wonder there isn't a teaser for 0.7 lol)
  4. Nope the dlc is most likely gonna be in russian even if the base game is in english. I would suggest you find some new sources for your dlc lol
  5. for so long I thought my controller's dpad was f****d. I wouldn't have thought that something as innocent as the screenshot combo could be doing this in a million years.
  6. Simple, ya dont. Dlc and install data only works from internal hdd there is no workaround. If you are a bit tech savy tho and your external hdd is 2'5 sata you could just pop it out of its case and pop into the xbox. It's really not complicated....
  7. Hellz yeah! been patiently waiting for this , thanks team Phoenix and everybody else who worked or supported the project.
  8. Yep definitely rebug 4.80 and install the latest senenabler to be able to play online safely.
  9. Theres a glitch that wont load the TU's for some reason if you transfer them manually even if they are placed correctly *note this happens randomly*. Transfer them using 360 content manager just select the folder containing the TU's and transfer the program will do the rest. Afterwards just scan with aurora and enable the TU and you are good to go.
  10. What kinda motherboard does your xbox have ? If its a Corona expect lots of bugs freezes and crashes its was not properly optimized. But xmplayer is overall glitchy as hell, you would be better off just streaming video from your pc. Windows 10 has cast to device integrated in context menu it will even stream mkv.
  11. the 360 can use up to 2tb of external storage per usb. Tho the flash drive you linked seems very fishy. Kingston makes 1tb flash drives and they cost like 700-800 bucks. Remember if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Sorry to burst your bubble dude...
  12. Skyacro menu is causing this. Remove it from dashlaunch, reboot console and the F3 plugin shuold work.
  13. After much testing a freakin simple reflash solved the issue.
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