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  1. I thought that would be the case. My external is a 3.5" so it won't be that easy. However I'm planning on setting up my external to be connected as an internal hdd just need to get a new soldering iron so that I can get 12 volts from the pus port
  2. I havefallout 3 goty and want to install the dlc from disc 2 but I don't have a internal hdd I'm using an external hdd. How would I do this?
  3. Just realised I downloaded the wrong files. What a stupid mistake. Works great now thanks
  4. I tried that and it didn't work. Would the fact that I had fsd installed before Aurora have made a difference? I did dele the fsd folder after installing aurora
  5. I must be doing something wrong because when I copy the files into hudscene it still says freestyle home. Has this happened to anyone before?
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