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  1. Nice to see you on realmodscene Josh! I love your work, your upgrades to J-runner are now essential for any modder/installer.
  2. This is fantastic! 😆
  3. Been trying to collect all the homebrews, but the link is dead!
  4. That'll be rad! be sure to hit up some of the xbox 360 modding facebook groups, they'll be all about this!
  5. Mostly offline, I tend to spend my time on current gen for multiplayer. I'm actually performing this install for a friend of mine.
  6. Thanks for updating this, I just picked it up to do a fresh install tonight!
  7. New Homebrew for the 360? Do my eyes deceive me?
  8. Are you talking about removing your mod or just accessing the original dashboard? The original dash is always there, just hold right bumper at startup.
  9. Watching these projects from the sidelines is so frustrating, I wish I could help, but I make my living swinging a hammer. You guys that put in the work on these projects are my heroes, dead serious.
  10. Very cool! Thank you very much, this must have taken a lot of time!
  11. That thing looks like they played it in the bottom of a bowl of vegetable beef stew!
  12. That's an impressive bunch of consoles! Wish I could help you with the devkit.
  13. Awesome, thanks for the input, I'm going to mess around with X2 and see which suits me best.
  14. I may be wrong, but I think I remember reading somewhere that cutting the traces did something to help prevent the chip from overheating, but it was incidental to something else I was researching at the time. Anyway, I just checked my mother board revision and it looks like I've got a 1.4 so I'm out of luck for using a bank switch.
  15. Thanks Gavin, I've never used a bank switch, any recommendations?
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