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  1. Josh Lineberry developed an "Aurora Asset Manager Script/Ultimate Xbox 360 hard drive database setup/modding tool" - he posted several YouTube videos of the tool. It seems it would solve what your looking for. I haven't seen the script on the GitHb, or available for download anywhere but is definitely some great work. If Josh reads the forum, hopefully he'll release the script to the community, I hate having to manual update the UUID in the database when upgrading HDDs, especially with the new XL HDD capabilities for 16TB drives.
  2. Quick update - I am following the initial idea with creating instances of Aurora for each main category. MAIN MENU - then OG XBOX, Xbox 360 Games, XBILG, XBLA, Prototypes, OXM Magazines Disks, Demos Homebrew, Emulators etc. It's working GREAT, and really quick on loading. For each Aurora "Submenu" I am changing the asset files, boot screen and background graphics so it doesn't "look" like Aurora. Fairly easy, just taking time to find good graphics. When I put all the content in one instance of aurora, the coverart data folder would limit at 4096 due to the folder limitations and initial boot took a long time! This method/idea fixes those issues. Eventually I'll post pics, instructions and the files so others can benefit.
  3. Thank you - that's what I was thinking also. It would cut down on the initial load times for Aurora since there would not so many titles all at once. Now, I have to set it up...the real work begins
  4. I understand there is a limit per folder of 4096 items; this impacts the GameData folder if you have more than 4096 items on internal/external hard drives. Aurora tries to download assets, and seems to be successful, but does not show them. I've searched the forums for a work around; ie adding a "GameData2" folder. This will be an issue if you have a 16TB external drive or multiple 2TB external drives. Any thoughts/ideas?
  5. User name djohng - sent PW reset which I did get. but still cant login or get API key Also tried my other user name JohnnyG - sent a PW reset; same thing...
  6. User name djohng - no activation email; so sent PW reset which I did get. but still cant login or get API key
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