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  1. I have XBILG, XBLA, OGXBOX, Prototypes, Xbox 360 games, Emulators, Magazines, Demo Disks, Modded, Homebrew, Applications - in separate folders each. The only items I have in "Content/0000.../titleid" folder are DLCs and Title Updates, even Avatars content have there own folder. XBLA Game folder is (XBLA/Name of Game/titleid/000D...) My system has an internal 16TB drive; leveraging the SATA port and DVD power plug (since you need 12v DC). Custom Fakeanim Boot, Main Menu and then Submenus for each category. Otherwise, Aurora will not download art beyond 4096 items. No category has more than that. XBILG folder has 3551 games so far that the largest submenu. Also beyond the 4096 issue with everything under one Aurora Menu - it takes forever to boot.
  2. Josh Lineberry developed an "Aurora Asset Manager Script/Ultimate Xbox 360 hard drive database setup/modding tool" - he posted several YouTube videos of the tool. It seems it would solve what your looking for. I haven't seen the script on the GitHb, or available for download anywhere but is definitely some great work. If Josh reads the forum, hopefully he'll release the script to the community, I hate having to manual update the UUID in the database when upgrading HDDs, especially with the new XL HDD capabilities for 16TB drives.
  3. Quick update - I am following the initial idea with creating instances of Aurora for each main category. MAIN MENU - then OG XBOX, Xbox 360 Games, XBILG, XBLA, Prototypes, OXM Magazines Disks, Demos Homebrew, Emulators etc. It's working GREAT, and really quick on loading. For each Aurora "Submenu" I am changing the asset files, boot screen and background graphics so it doesn't "look" like Aurora. Fairly easy, just taking time to find good graphics. When I put all the content in one instance of aurora, the coverart data folder would limit at 4096 due to the folder limitations and initial boot took a long time! This method/idea fixes those issues. Eventually I'll post pics, instructions and the files so others can benefit.
  4. Thank you - that's what I was thinking also. It would cut down on the initial load times for Aurora since there would not so many titles all at once. Now, I have to set it up...the real work begins
  5. I understand there is a limit per folder of 4096 items; this impacts the GameData folder if you have more than 4096 items on internal/external hard drives. Aurora tries to download assets, and seems to be successful, but does not show them. I've searched the forums for a work around; ie adding a "GameData2" folder. This will be an issue if you have a 16TB external drive or multiple 2TB external drives. Any thoughts/ideas?
  6. User name djohng - sent PW reset which I did get. but still cant login or get API key Also tried my other user name JohnnyG - sent a PW reset; same thing...
  7. User name djohng - no activation email; so sent PW reset which I did get. but still cant login or get API key
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