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  1. djon


    Borderlands Download: Borderlands
  2. Hello again, I have not had the xbox 360 console for a long time, and I managed to make several skins on it, and having the idea, can I use my own 3D model, not an avatar? in the skin.
  3. I sort of figured it out myself. Thank!!!
  4. djon


    Disable the hdd, and start from a usb flash drive, in dash_launch do the launch from usb, then put the hdd
  5. djon

    Horizon zero dawn

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a textbook, I studied by typing, it seems like a small part of Adobe® After Effects
  6. need your help, edit in Aurora_Skin XuiLoading please download files https://yadi.sk/d/Gu63wRaTzWoFfQ
  7. Assassin's Creed Valhalla Download: https://mega.nz/file/0iZhCIJK#mGI60HC6CS2vPt8RiSdPvqptgTdSv_KeVoNujqV693g
  8. Mortal_Kombat_X Download https://mega.nz/file/huZHnIYI#wjqo5qcfGfUTsUUvBSgQXSX3UjlyX_-WfiYN43cPeSQ
  9. djon

    Halo 4

    is ready
  10. djon

    Halo 4

    Halo 4 Download: https://mega.nz/file/AuQRjYZQ#jDqrf1sovsEcdMQlMxLzUTz7qTZGJWZGTWvSfgdLAJE
  11. Could you help me?
  12. djon


    Spider-Man Download: https://mega.nz/file/srJHzSqK#6Jnm0z07WlTS9Pgub7lFqgqMB2URGkMbJvA9cuS2Z_I Spider-Man.mp4
  13. Resident evil 2 remake Download: Resident evil 2 remake
  14. djon

    Uncharted 4

    Uncharted 4 download: Uncharted 4
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