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Found 4 results

  1. Perhaps someone with a little more knowledge and experience than myself can answer this question for me. I have several Jtags that I keep updated for friends and customers of mine. I have all of my Jtags updated to the latest Xebuild, latest dashlaunch and latest F3 as well as Xell Reloaded. So here is the problem: when I try to run the Mupen64 beta, it will work on some of my consoles, but will hang on the loading screen of others. The only discernible difference between the ones that don't work and the ones that do is that the ones that do work were built recently using a clean retail Nand dump while the others were kept updated over time using nands taken from the consoles using nand flasher for xbox 360. It is worth mentioning that the older version of mupen 64, (.96 I believe) would run just fine on all consoles. Devices that work on the consoles that will run Mupen 64 do not work on the consoles that won't run Mupen64. Has anyone out there had a similar problem? Also, does anyone know what the solution might possibly be? Thank you in advance!
  2. Guys can somebody help me, i have downloaded Snes360 from pirate bay and it came with looooads of roms BUT i downloaded mupen64-360 and i cant find a SINGLE place to download roms for it, i even searched TPB to see if i could find the emulator with roms included but sadly i didn't find any. So if you know of a place inform me, Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I want to play n64 roms with the xbox, but my trinity xbox in XELL boot, didnt find the "xenon.elf" that is in an formatted pen drive (plugged in the console before of press the eject bottom) I try updating Dashlaunch and Xebuild to last both version, but the same..... The Xell keep searching in all units, over and over again. Download the mupen64 in 3 diferent sites, in diferent versions, with no change Can some one help me, please
  4. I tried to boot up mupen64 both versions that are out (.96 & .992 beta). And xell finds it off my flash drive but once it finds it, ittries to boot it and nothing happens. It is just a black screen, no signal anymore to my tv. The xbox stays on. The files are on the root.Any help will be greatly appreciated. Its a corona v3 with a tx cr3 lite and tx demon. Thanks. I am also having trouble getting emulators onto F3. I got xbox 360 games on, but when I try to scan manually for emulators it does not scan it seems like. I have the .elf file in the root. So if someone could point me in the correct direction I would greatly appreciate it! I am trying to do all of this off an external 1.5tb hard drive. I found out that corona's arent supported by mupen64, so is their a way to play it of F3 or anything else?
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