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  1. thank you for the help. I will try that now. I am using xbox image browser for 360 backups, but its not just 360 games that don't work its everything (xbla, emulators, xbox original, etc). what do I use to put them all in xex? also on another note. the hard drive i use for my personal dual nand rgh slim works on this jtag xbox but only find a couple games. But those games do boot and play fine.
  2. what would be wrong with my external hdd? im STILL trying to fix this issue...also internal hdd is small. do not want to run anything off internal unless i have to. [QuickLaunchButtons]Default = hdd:\FreeStyle\default.xex [settings] nxemini = true pingpatch = true
  3. i did convert them to god but i have never had to use x360gamehack before. the error also comes up with xbox original and xbla games as well. i want them all to run god from external hdd.
  4. I set the game paths and fsd3 finds them. But when i play them an xbox error comes up and says "game could not start. try redownloading" I updated the dash to 16537 and installed the avatar data. Any help would be greatly appreaciated. I dont know why I am having trouble with this console and hard drive (for my brother). I have my own dual nand slim and everything runs fine.
  5. Thanks Ced.....I just wish n64 would work on coronas...alsoi waiting for dreamcast emu
  6. stimp34


    I thought mupen64 doesnt work on corona's either way (hdmi or componant). It doesnt work on mine, I tried both. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. god damn it! why does nothing work for coronas
  8. will this work on coronas?
  9. Thanks I got everything to work. I just learned that mupen64 doesn't work for corona's which BLOWS. Also I am waiting for gligli to finish dreamcast emulator! those two emulators are the ones I really wanted and the reason why I got my slim rgh'ed. I wish there was another way around to get the n64 emulator to work on coronas!
  10. I tried to boot up mupen64 both versions that are out (.96 & .992 beta). And xell finds it off my flash drive but once it finds it, ittries to boot it and nothing happens. It is just a black screen, no signal anymore to my tv. The xbox stays on. The files are on the root.Any help will be greatly appreciated. Its a corona v3 with a tx cr3 lite and tx demon. Thanks. I am also having trouble getting emulators onto F3. I got xbox 360 games on, but when I try to scan manually for emulators it does not scan it seems like. I have the .elf file in the root. So if someone could point me in the correct direction I would greatly appreciate it! I am trying to do all of this off an external 1.5tb hard drive. I found out that corona's arent supported by mupen64, so is their a way to play it of F3 or anything else?
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