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  1. But When I go to "MTK flash 32" and "intro / Device ID" and press "ok" (disconnecting the device and reconnecting in less of 1 sec) it don't be detected again by the JF, and have to restart the console to be able to see the drive again. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  2. I think i can be sure that the drive is an Samsung, because have the same tray design and the driver is recognized by an Samsung drive. The drive is working with LT 2.0 (tested with XGD2 disk and original too) Can I restore to an Samsung firmware? Should I apply Samsung stock and then flash With Summy 2.01? (I saw that the last firmware for Hitachi Drives is 2.0+). Thanks
  3. I Dont understand.... I send the drive to an asshle and now the driver dont appear like "TSST corp" appear as HL-DT-ST. Im following this guide ( http://team-xecuter.com/video/hitachi/non79/ ) but cant get to vendor mode. Is the LT 2.0 the last version for that driver? Thanks
  4. Hi Swizzy, The dashboard is with the last version ( Fat Samsung ms28 with LT 2.0). I tried to update the driver to LT 2.01 with "summy unlock", but always says "step 1 fail" (the driver was recognized but the key was, I read that sometimes when having troubles can be updated pressing "intro / Device ID" button. Should I flash to stock version or just update to 2.01? because I read something like if I update some dash without going to stock it will be banned. Thanks.
  5. If I install a new 70x70x11 cooler (2,16 W) in the case to let the air get in the console, is it a dump idea install it in the original xbox 360 coolers conector? (the original coolers are connected directly to the power supply and will install one 40x40x10 (1,32 W) directly to the CPU heatsink in the power supply too). Thanks.
  6. Sorry, i didn't know where i had to post it (now i know). Thanks
  7. Why you are so hard with that board? I want to use to go live I'm waiting for part to finish an dual nand Slim Corona, while waiting, I decided to keep this machine working. Anyway... If I connect an 12v 0,12A with 3 cords to the motherboard coolers connector, does it should work?
  8. Thanks, I Will not install the Air Blower because did not fit correctly in the space between the front and the GPU heatsink. That why Im thinking to install 2 coolers, one of 40x40x10 blowing to the GPU heatsink (vertical) and another of 70x70x11 blowing in the console (horizontal) to enforce the air flush that go out with the back coolers (taking energy from the power supply) Is that the updated heatsink you mean: I will not be able to control the coolers myself, because i will have the original dash in that console. Can you send me a picture or describe where do you install the 70x70 notebook cooler, please. Is my fear too, that why I take energy directly from the power supply (for the back coolers). If i have my back cooler taking energy from the power supply, can I add another coolers taking energy from the Xbox cooler power supply (picture in the post)? (to let the console control the added coolers and don't run at full speed all the time)
  9. Hi, I want to install coolers in my xenon Xbox360 (saved from the ring of death), but I have some question. I Found a very powerful Air Blower of 12V-1,32A. If I install it on the power supply solder connector, will not cause any electrical problem, because the electrical consumption depends of the power supply, is that right? Should I install it in the Xbox360 back coolers connector to let the console set the speed depending the heat? (the air blower have 3 cords) Where should I blow the air? to the GPU, the CPU or in the middle of both? Info: The back coolers are taking energy from the power supply solder (always run at full speed). info 2: In Arg we have 220V, that why I use an power supply of 110V-1kw Can someone helps me? Thanks.
  10. Thanks!! I will see what can I find compatible with the xbox360 (Western Digital).
  11. Hey Swizzy, do you know the limit of storage for an home made (2,5 WD notebook hdd in the ms case) hard drive in fat Xbox360?, i know that an 320 Gb have no problems, but its support an 500Gb hdd? (Ms now sell 500Gb hdd for slim sonsoles)
  12. Oh, thanks for the advice. Do you gave some diagram? or something? I dont Want to screw an 4g motherboard XP.
  13. OK. Think I will send the reader to someone smarter than me (or someone who have the ck3), cause I cant did it with an desktop machine (it recognized but fail in step 1 when search in port the device information and step 2 when making "summy unlock", made with the driver in normal state and with the half open tray too... and appear as no key found). The Ck3 here is selling at 90 box aprox and send to flash it 20 box aprox (in USD). I dont think i will Use it again many times. I will only finish the mod to help the air in and enforce the air out (with an external power line) and hope thats it (and waiting for my other console with dual nand (in the service trying to find an Trinity or compatible dual nand mother or wait to develop some way to use dual nand in corona 4g) Thanks Swizzy.
  14. If the Xbox drive have LT 2.01, when burn backups, how can i write it? if the isos in the web are in LT 3.0.
  15. Oh, Perfect!!!. Now i have the last dashboard, updated the dash with an usb memory and connected my xbox memory to have space to install the Upgrade. Now i will borrow an desktop pc (I see in some tutorial that some xbox drivers have problems with the adapter Sata - USB). Seriously, thanks man!! You helped me a lot
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