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  1. That's how I often feel, if you want ideas on your structured cabling or a logical topology or someone to toss ideas to, I'm your man, but I have never been a coder. I respect people who can actually enjoy scripting because it can be so maddening to debug your own source especially when trying to implement the updates modules without breaking the build. Like me troubleshooting a break in structured cabling to get something important back online or to trace to the right circuit ID without interrupting client services so you can do demarc extension and hotcut with the least time of service interruption.
  2. I used Xtree Gold for DOSbox, but same issues of EMM and whatnot present themselves, 640 block has to be open enough for certain higher end games. Gonna try your app and see if I can make a bare bones autolauncher for win95 games.
  3. At least we have the 2. So best I could do would be have 2tb primary and 2tb secondary? or is my 500GB / 2TB setup my current best option? Could probably do an MU hack to make it larger. and might be able to add multiple sticks to the USB bus. Now that'd be dope, RAID for MU Bus and just build a flashdrive array! lol
  4. StaticPulse


    Like I said, don't share your liability regarding software piracy here on the forum. These guys make a legit mod and they don't need the bullshit regarding copyright violations and the such.
  5. Well, looks like I can at least upgrade my WD Passport to something faster and larger in an enclosure then I suppose.
  6. I haven't done a hardware update in a very long time with all the dashlaunch releases and whatnot over the years. When I glitched my Slim Trinity I upgraded to 500GB Scorpio Blue drive; however, I'm curious. When they pushed the update that allowed for larger capacity drives to be compatible as secondary storage, did it also lift the cap on the primary drive capacity with modded systems? I would like to upgrade my primary to a 2.5" 1-4TB primary, Is this doable now? I also find that Hitachi HGST 2TB work like a DREAM for OG Xbox HDD upgrades so I'm in the market for the same in 2.5" flavor. Please dear god tell me that we can now accept a Hitachi Helium HGST 8TB for primary! hahahah Badly needing to consolidate and restructure these days.......
  7. It's going by the information out of the /Content folder. Anything in Aurora that you customize for your game like that is only on the front end. What will matter is the Game ID number for downloading assets, and when you rescan it will set it back to what is in the Title ID to the best of my knowledge. If you edit it from it's default value (Mounted Filesystem in FATxplorer) from it's actual data, you could make the game unplayable until you rename it back. One idea is scan your collection, rename what you want in Aurora, then exclude that specific title from future scans.
  8. StaticPulse


    Looks like either give up on reading discs because of bad laser or incorrect controller board in your console, or look for your other options. I don't know if Xenia was ever coded with disc support or not so that might not work either. No, That is the Video Layer of the disc. Do POT adjustment or replace laser. That's your call bro, just don't mention that shit here. No one here wants your liability.... You'd have to reglitch your console, laser change out would be cheapest and easiest and there are tons of TuT videos on youtube for it. This may also help, if not replace your laser.
  9. StaticPulse


    The only time the 360 has ever done this before for me is when the wrong drive controller board was in the console,. DVD drives are married to the console by their DVD keys. If the drive has never been changed out and this problem has been gradually getting worse over time, it's probably a failing laser.
  10. StaticPulse


    It reads and plays disc from Regular Dash?
  11. StaticPulse


    Unless the drive has been replaced without board swapping, when you load from regular dash you should get an error screen that looks like this I think: There is another error screen that will show up a white screen on boot if it's the wrong drive board. Let us know what your Dash says when you put the disc in. Consider replacing laser or drive, but if you replace drive, make sure to swap your board.
  12. StaticPulse


    Have you ever had to replace the DVD drive before? Also, Possible that laser is going out on drive? What is the model of your 360? The only time I've ever had that issue on any xbox has been wrong controller board to drive, wrong drive to unit, or failing laser. If it was eject issue I'd say replace the drive band.
  13. So apparently someone is coding an SDK finally. https://github.com/marty28/XBMC-360 Would be pretty fucking awesome to have zDoom engine so I can deploy BrutalDoom and/or Project Brutality over as well. I wish I was a coder. The current compiled build can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16HnF4Pye1RYVJDCQlHB05eE7F9FCccB1/view
  14. Looks like theres an alternate solder point and the suggestion for cap legs to do the soldering would be the same with kynar wire or if worse comes to worse solder an actual header to it. nvm... just re-read the thread, they're just suggesting a more solid connection with lazy mans kynar.
  15. That problematic Jasper you have is a 512 model. I always had issues with doing first glitch on them with the timing profiles. Too bad your dash wasn't low enough to just JTAG it. If you're still up for it because 512's are badass, check this thread from Se7enSins: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/rgh-jasper-bad-nand-dumps.1524480/
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