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  1. Bro... hahha rgh 3 is dope as fuck!! I had to look that up, wish I still had my Jr programmer.
  2. Yes I'm still looking for a Jasper BB. I'm in Southern Oregon these days. Price would change between rather or not it's a JTAG or RGH hack. You have one?
  3. Let me know and I'll earmark the money.
  4. Hey guys, had a fire not to long ago and lost most of what I own. I want to rebuild my Xbox 360 and am looking for a complete or virgin unit. JTAG BB Jasper if I have a choice but a Trinity with CR4XL will suffice. HMU with pricing and lets make it happen!
  5. It is still using your content.db file from your original setup. What I'd do is this: Go into your Aurora folder on the console locally using Xexmenu, FSD, or a different copy of aurora that won't lock the Database files when it loads into memory. For me the folder path is HDD1/ISOS/Aurora/Data/Databases You will most likely want to delete content.db and rescan your file collection after you've put in your new scan paths. While you're at it, create a folder in the databases folder called backup and copy content.db and settings.db into it for future use if your content scan goes south and it corrupts your title database like it did to me two days ago.
  6. If you want a cool source for samples for your boot vids, check out the DemoScene for intros, cracktros, and competition demos. demoscene.tv used to be the BEST place for this, but I see it is down, you can probably find most of the files here: https://archive.org/search.php?query=demoscene&page=4 They also have a Youtube channel now I see : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdaWE88_VrLbXuQrq3Uudvg And another source channel can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyoCwKwPiCJGOB2Ya2yiBkA Could use a screen recorder on youtube channel @ fullscreen for the video or search the archive.org link for the Title and download the original demo executable. Keywords like : Razor 1911 / PwA / iCE / ACiD / Kewlers / MFX / FAiRLiGHT / Halcyon / Paradox / Bobstars / Portal Process / Conspiracy / Eagle Soft / Talent / Ikari Have great results! Chaos Theory - Conspiracy
  7. Would it be possible to make the content database offline accessible for faster local title scanning? I understand it is RMS IP; however, it would make it much easier for more knowledgeable users to be able to scan their libraries into Aurora plus it would reduce server traffic. Plus the 3+ hours that it takes to scan my library into my console would be much faster when you think about all the handshakes happening for each file sent in this manner.
  8. MAC address logging/filtering would DEFINITELY do it!!
  9. Hey guys, long time since I been around. Been a long time, hope everyone is well... I tried to scan some xbox classic titles to my RGH last night and hadn't realized that the primary drive was low on available space. When the scan finished, my entire library disappeared. The file is 1.1MB in size, can it be recovered or is it corrupted beyond recovery? I'm in a rural area on VSAT so rescanning the titles is impossible unless I can exclude the assets from downloading. I've freed up enough disk space to redo it correctly, is it possible to recover the original content.db file or can I exclude the assets from downloading while I'm on the mountain? lol all this for wanting to play Mech Assault on my 360.... hahahahahaha shit.....
  10. Honestly, I used FATexplorer and mounted the drive to my local system to transfer file on and off of it. Have two FATx partitions causes issues with the data transfer regarding data corruption. I recommend mounting the original HDD to your PC with FatX to back up what you want to keep. Then take your replacement drive and use the HDD hacker utility to flash the firmware on it to be Xbox compatible. From that point take the new drive and put it in your console and reformat it from the consoles default GUI system storage menu. When that's done,pull the drive out, reconnect back to PC and xfer all of your files to it locally (Including the ones you backed up from the original drive.) Once all of that has been done with your base system files you should be able to FTP to the device with FileZilla without further issue. OR since you have it mounted to your PC, why not just xfer the files at the speed of your system bus? (MUCH MUCH FASTER) (copy/paste)
  11. That's how I often feel, if you want ideas on your structured cabling or a logical topology or someone to toss ideas to, I'm your man, but I have never been a coder. I respect people who can actually enjoy scripting because it can be so maddening to debug your own source especially when trying to implement the updates modules without breaking the build. Like me troubleshooting a break in structured cabling to get something important back online or to trace to the right circuit ID without interrupting client services so you can do demarc extension and hotcut with the least time of service interruption.
  12. I used Xtree Gold for DOSbox, but same issues of EMM and whatnot present themselves, 640 block has to be open enough for certain higher end games. Gonna try your app and see if I can make a bare bones autolauncher for win95 games.
  13. At least we have the 2. So best I could do would be have 2tb primary and 2tb secondary? or is my 500GB / 2TB setup my current best option? Could probably do an MU hack to make it larger. and might be able to add multiple sticks to the USB bus. Now that'd be dope, RAID for MU Bus and just build a flashdrive array! lol
  14. StaticPulse


    Like I said, don't share your liability regarding software piracy here on the forum. These guys make a legit mod and they don't need the bullshit regarding copyright violations and the such.
  15. Well, looks like I can at least upgrade my WD Passport to something faster and larger in an enclosure then I suppose.
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