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  1. Xbox Invaders - Released!

    That's pretty awesome!
  2. Looking for Xbox 360 (Dashboard 7371 or Less)

    You had a terrible timing profile if you couldn't do it with a chip. Jaspers usually glitch for me within15-20 seconds from boot. Thing is, You have to dick with them forever to get to glitch the first time, then afterwards use rater and get the proper settings.
  3. Got her cleaned up a bit before I go do some more work on her CV Axel. Need to do rework on the ABS Module and completely replace two power leads that had their insulation sleeves crumble off from high heat and brake fluid too....







  4. NANDOne v0.03

    Very nice indeed!
  5. Sorry I'm away so much, just got IPC-A-610E certified at my repair tech job, been swamped with work, my car, and clearing out my grandmas old house so it can be put on the market. Things will eventually even out, I hope.....



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      Well, now I can't because whoever changed my name to change your user name has locked my user name as ChangeYourUserName for a year......

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      Should you get the time Just use this _-=Static Pulse=-_ without the ' _-=  =-_  ' if the forum software won't allow it.

    4. Chrishockey55
  7. Few things about the new Site.

    awwwww =( and then I doublepost like a retard....
  8. Few things about the new Site.

    So any idea as to when we can or will be able to port it over? I'm sure Swizzy would know. hahahah Right? I'll change it later
  9. Few things about the new Site.

    I was wondering why the change... Now I know, I think.. Love how it can't read upper ASCII with my name....
  10. Nintendo NX

    To each to their own I say. I think this device is going to have some pretty revolutionary technology on it. ARM ARCHITECTURE!!!!!
  11. Nintendo NX

    Finally Got some info on the hardware!
  12. Largest MU capacity?

    I want to at least do this with the internal MU, It'd be nice to dump my external to it to just streamline a bit plus the drive would be great to expand a Hypervision project to.
  13. Largest MU capacity?

    Price difference is USB 2.0 versus 3.0 Legacy 2.0 would be ideal for this type of work since the 360 USB is 2.0 architecture. At the least I could go with a more reliable 512GB Cruzer or Sandisk flash drive, but my memory is hazy as to whether or not it will work with retail titles on the MU. I already do this with my 2TB Western Digital passport drive externally. But if I can go internal with usable capacity like this that is faster since it is solid state. That would allow me to be able to re-use my passport drive for my main computer again. It's not greatly important to me as I already have 12TB of local storage on my main computer. As I said, it's not going to be used as external storage, Internal storage as a MU solder patch hack recognized as SlimMU. I think it's also doable on the phats via their MU pin connectors...
  14. Largest MU capacity?

    So the other day I'm looking at USB 2.0 flash drives and I see that the prices on capacity came down A LOT!! I can get a 512GB flash drive for around 30 American dollars which seems pretty damned afordable. The 2 TB USB 2.0 flash key is under 100 dollars............ This begs the question; well, this begs TWO questions: What is the MAXIMUM amount of storage allowed to the Xbox 360 MU architecture which is USB Bus 2.0? Can I execute programs from MU such as games? I know it auto-creates a Content folder, but I'm really wondering If I go and buy saaaayyyy... this device here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2TB-2000GB-USB-2-0-Flash-drive-Key-/162157679879?hash=item25c159d507:g:rboAAOSw3YNXcLdt Insulate it if I can't tear it down further than it already is and do the USB MU Hack with it. cmon guys. This is how you build a 4-8TB personal gaming console or something.... I like creating Frankenstein-like abominations!! This would be awesome if it works, But can it???!!???
  15. Do J-Runner Servers Are Offline?

    Yes you can, the update feature to the best of my knowledge is only used for downloading newer versions of firmware