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  1. XBMC for Xbox 360

    Is that anything to do with this? GUILib Port to Xbox 360
  2. retail hdd folder

    Also doesn't he just have to place the trainer in the aurora trainers folder and just access it from aurora's Y button menu for the title?
  3. Aurora Not Loading all xbox Classic games

    Here is the compatibility list https://support.xbox.com/en-US/legacy-devices/original-console/play-original-games
  4. Been away for awhile due to car // spine issues. since July 2017.

    Slowly getting some stuff back together so bear with me.


  5. retail hdd folder

    If anyone would check links in the admin signatures. All this information is available. As a matter of fact, stealth mod menus have been addressed numerous times with what Felida has said. This is RMS, not Team Xecuter... I'd personally check the modsite where you got it from, if it was made by a member there, they'd know best how to help you.
  6. XBMC for Xbox 360

    Doesnt work properly with 360 emulating xbox classic. Hence wanting updated Kodi build instead.
  7. XBMC for Xbox 360

    Nice! This addon should be ported to all the platforms with kodi for some really cool use https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=287826
  8. XBMC for Xbox 360

    Speaking of which and this might be off topic, Remember when Kodi was removed from the xbox one store? I'm wondering while it was on there if it's usage stats and other stuff that kodi uses for reporting make it back to the powers that be who could use it to possibly further xploit the xbox one?
  9. Xbox Invaders - Released!

    That's pretty awesome!
  10. Looking for Xbox 360 (Dashboard 7371 or Less)

    You had a terrible timing profile if you couldn't do it with a chip. Jaspers usually glitch for me within15-20 seconds from boot. Thing is, You have to dick with them forever to get to glitch the first time, then afterwards use rater and get the proper settings.
  11. Got her cleaned up a bit before I go do some more work on her CV Axel. Need to do rework on the ABS Module and completely replace two power leads that had their insulation sleeves crumble off from high heat and brake fluid too....







  12. NANDOne v0.03

    Very nice indeed!
  13. Sorry I'm away so much, just got IPC-A-610E certified at my repair tech job, been swamped with work, my car, and clearing out my grandmas old house so it can be put on the market. Things will eventually even out, I hope.....



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  15. Few things about the new Site.

    awwwww =( and then I doublepost like a retard....