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  1. here ya go, i think it goes in hdd > cache folder https://www.mediafire.com/file/1ea0129zndhf228/Modern+Warfare+2+TU9.rar/file
  2. here ya go this is carbon https://www.mediafire.com/file/boqbntfl3qarubl/CarbonPRENXE.xzp/file
  3. thanks for the update! 😃
  4. seem fine for me https://www.mediafire.com/file/a900fq06fxon8rm/Aurora_Layouts_MatteIta_V1_Fix.rar/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/koqzox27bq0samd/Aurora_Layouts_MatteIta_V2_Fix.rar/file
  5. bored so thought i host some ai zombies on title update 6 join sonnyy's room and the password is xxxx
  6. to fix it you will need to set this as a plugin in dashlaunch (i have mine in plugin 5) https://github.com/StelioKontosXBL/AuroraCrashPatcher/releases/download/v1.2/AuroraCrashPatcher.xex
  7. the image website is down thats why but i would recommend watching this
  8. i dont believe there is one but u can hold x then scroll down as it will select each one without u having to press x on each file
  9. you should be fine having liveblock and livestrong on, i've used the plugin with them on
  10. download this and set it as a plugin in dashlaunch it will stop the error https://github.com/StelioKontosXBL/AuroraCrashPatcher/releases/download/v1.2/AuroraCrashPatcher.xex if you want more info: https://github.com/StelioKontosXBL/AuroraCrashPatcher
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