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  1. It's ok, I found a place with all the missing TUs I need
  2. Game: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition TitleID: 584111F7 MediaID: 7CD33B56 Base Version: 00000001 Version: See below I am archiving Minecraft Xbox 360 title updates, I'm only missing 18 updates. Here are the ones I am missing: TU25, TU26, TU27, TU28, TU29, TU33, TU37, TU39, TU42, TU50, TU53, TU58, TU59, TU65, TU68, TU70,TU71,TU72 These are all 4J version numbers, for example TU80 is TU74. I have found download links for these but they do not work. If you have any of these please reply to this post. Thank you! - UserMC56L
  3. Thank you! Which update do you want? Ask for any of them, I'll give it to you. I'm missing 20 updates, so the update you want might not be in my collection.
  4. Can you give me the TU75 devkit update and TU35? I'm collecting Minecraft title updates, I'm only missing 20 updates. I'm very interested in this devkit update, it might have debug stuff. In return I can give you any update from my collection. I would appreciate it if you can.
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