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  1. As much as possible please
  2. I like speedrunning I like speedrunning glitched categories I find cool glitch in a specific title update (say TU46) I use current title update (TU74) Glitch is patched Me is sad Me need TU46
  3. haven't checked in a while but i have a mega link https://mega.nz/folder/3kQDnIBC#9Yu3b97_8stVBH_jmI8fwQ
  4. Hello. I'm trying to get all the Minecraft Title Updates I can, but most of the links I've seen here are outdated and do not work, so I'm asking to see if anyone has working title updates. So far, I have TU1-TU33 (excluding 28) TU35 TU38 TY46 TU54 TU57 TU59 TU66 TU74 TU75 (the devkit one) These are from the archive.org link or xbox unity or from other sources I can't find anymore. also i have an unmodded retail console, so i can't install updates through aurora and these are 4j update numbers
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