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  1. Ok, Updated info, we started new site: Everything next will be there or FB.
  2. Great, you can join fb group named "ModNetwork" if you want, we are discusing here.
  3. We will be setting new forum with download, no ads, and in this group is already Hans and Boobooman, and i wrote to ESTE, si web are informing people. Actually Nothing have Been set, i will inform you
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/Piracy/comments/2vo6oo/xbox360iso_official_upload_bot_uploading_virus/ We are actually at group on FB, and there is disscusion about all what happend, link on reddit.
  5. Peoples are posting this on iso sites, but they are deleting it all, so i posted it here: Those that use any isonetwork (360iso, ps3iso etc) site beware, owners are using underhand tactics to try and generate more money! I know this as I'm X Staff and saw it all, I'm not some bitter twisted individual that is trying to undermine the isonetwork because of a fall out, I left the site after what I heard and after looking in modcp myself it was there for all to see. Anyway the story The owners were spreading viruses via the Official Uploader account in hopes that it would delete all your data and force you to redownload the games from inclouddrive and increase their ad revenue. They owned ICD. When they were confronted things went south and they removed myself and everyone else. Most staff if not all are leaving the site including myself. I will be notifying members on the site when its back letting them know that the owners are selling all of their sensitive info because I wouldn't put it past them. Some staff decided to take 360iso offline, now we did this for the safety of the members, after the BS the owners gave they deserve no pity, absolute disgrace and any posts on any other iso are instantly deleted, they have also locked down the official 360iso facebook page But while the site is down, the owner is doing this
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