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  1. Good afternoon, hope you can help me on this. I´m running Lego Marvel Avengers in XBOX360, but once I finish the history mode and after the clip cuts and credits, the screen goes black and the machine gets blocked. If I re-load the game it goes again through the last clip and credits then ... black screen ... I can´t go through the chapters/levels to find missing pieces and characters. I already applied the Title Update (#1) but it did not solve the problem. Thanks in advance.
  2. Should you need the tittle update (TU) for this game, hope it´s useful LEGO Marvel's Avengers - TU 1.rar
  3. Any chance you have a reliable source to get the Title updates for this game. Mine freezes after completing the Ultron´s chapter Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks a lot for the links, I were able to apply the update and now the game is working properly
  5. Anybody is aware of such update available for dimensions? Checked from time to time in Aurora but nothing shows up
  6. Just bought the game but can gain access to the online game updates, this is required to use the game packs, any way to go through for the updates offline ? Can´t access internet from the console (xbox 360) itself. Thanks.
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