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  1. You can use Velocity (link) to get the baseversion. Load the TU package, and click the Metadata button. Btw. This TU seems to be for baseversion, which after applying the TU gets
  2. lol It's not fake. This is my share, it came directly from my console. For download and password go here.
  3. I don't have a NexFlix subscription so I can't check, but do you guys have these 3 Media Updates installed on your JTAG/RGH? Link: https://mega.nz/#!ikYl0ILR!P5X82nPUPa_XzPVugGQRnA5rvAW3_3-O49SYpf-Dl7c I have absolutely no idea if this will help with the broken videos, but it doesn't hurt to try.
  4. There's only a small percentage which are LiNK enabled. To get a complete list with LiNK-enabled games, at least it's a way I do it: Go to http://xboxunity.net/ Type in * and hit enter Click "Sort and filter" Select "Titles with Link" / "All" / "Name" / "Ascending" and hit Apply As I count it, there are currently 177 LiNK-enabled games available.
  5. I have a 2TB internal HDD, and 2x 2TB external HDD in USB caddies. So 6TB would be the console's physical maximum. But, if you have ConnectX enabled and connected to a PC with plenty of space, you can go way over 6TB. If you decicate a 8TB drive solely for ConnectX, you've got 14TB space for games. I've come to the conclusion while testing most games work fine through ConnectX, it's only a bit slow with loading. Mind you some games require local storage and crash on ConnectX.
  6. The password works fine with me, please check again.
  7. ?? There are 4 covers there already, one of which is the official NTSC cover. Search with "5451083B" to find it.
  8. Or just download the profile on another unmodded console and transfer that to your RGH.
  9. Nice, thank you. Looking forward for some other colors.
  10. I admire your creativity with what you've done on the back cover. But just to let you know, here's the official one: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/xbox360/961061-tomoyo-after-its-a-wonderful-life-cs-edition/images/1126597
  11. I had loads of fun on LiNK in the good old days, but nowadays I don't even try. Thanks for the suggestion salah.rgh2, I haven't given it up completely yet.
  12. Great work Shadha, thanks for updating. I'll definitely check out the Horror Meets Comedy hub, among the rest obviously.
  13. Go to the site at my location and PM me there! I've got some goodies for you.
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