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  1. ?? There are 4 covers there already, one of which is the official NTSC cover. Search with "5451083B" to find it.
  2. Or just download the profile on another unmodded console and transfer that to your RGH.
  3. Nice, thank you. Looking forward for some other colors.
  4. I admire your creativity with what you've done on the back cover. But just to let you know, here's the official one: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/xbox360/961061-tomoyo-after-its-a-wonderful-life-cs-edition/images/1126597
  5. I had loads of fun on LiNK in the good old days, but nowadays I don't even try. Thanks for the suggestion salah.rgh2, I haven't given it up completely yet.
  6. Great work Shadha, thanks for updating. I'll definitely check out the Horror Meets Comedy hub, among the rest obviously.
  7. Go to the site at my location and PM me there! I've got some goodies for you.
  8. Wait what? You have all the orignal "Horror Meets Comedy" XBL video files?? That would be awesome to include, as they're hard to come by. I really like your app Shadha, and would love to see updates! Keep up the great work.
  9. And make sure you've installed it in the correct folder: Usb0:\ Content \ 0000000000000000 \ 45410968 \ 00007000 \ 801FA873A37D786F8DB0879D89FCEF5245 Usb0:\ Content \ 0000000000000000 \ 45410968 \ 00007000 \ 801FA873A37D786F8DB0879D89FCEF5245.data\ ...[data files]... You can let 360 Content Manager take care of installing into the correct folder by using it's upload feature.
  10. I've made these covers some time ago: The Idolm@ster The Idolm@ster: Live For You! The Idolm@ster 2 Mushihimesama Futari v1.5
  11. Sure, here you go: link Password = remmigiosh@modnetwork.org
  12. For me and everyone I asked reported the same: only 2 external HD's can be plugged in at once. A third one will be ignored by the system. I would love to find a solution for this, as I would like to attach another drive.
  13. You will need to get some FC4 community maps which show up as savegames and put them in Hdd:\ Content \ <ProfileID> \ 555308CA \ 00000001 \ folder. You will not need to sign them with your ID's, they will show up in the browser regardless.
  14. I've shared exactly what you requested: Check you game's Media ID by pressing the Guide button while in the game. Maybe you can go to the site under my name, there are 3 other TU4's shared there.
  15. Got the same, mine stopped at 473 kB. Unfortunately this happens with more TU's on Unity. Here the latest TU#3: https://we.tl/t-SVPHqEMc5e - credits go to geomarvie at ModNetwork.org
  16. I've just uploaded TU3 with MID 013FE217 to Unity. I hope it will appear, as I've seen some TU's don't show up when I upload it. Or give a 'no filevar' error message after uploading.
  17. Since Title Updates are not a taboo subject on RMS, all I can say the latest one right now is TU68. Go to 'Location' under my name, and you will have everything you will need. I obviously can't post a live link in here. About your downloaded TU not showing in Aurora, I suppose a Title Update scan will do the trick.
  18. Thanks for your reply, felida. "Could be the way the xex is" ... Maybe, but I have seen more of those multi-XBLA game install discs and none of them work properly when installed as a GoD. "or double loading containers" ... Good point! That may be a limitation of the base 360 system. I guess that won't be fixable. (?) I own an unmodded phat 360 and a slim RGH2 but don't have a physical disc with such multi-XBLA content, so I can't test a regular system install. But I would love to know!
  19. I always wondered why a GoD of such 'multi-game' disc doesn't work. I mean, a physical disc with the same content does play like it should. And a GoD is nothing more than a container of an disc image, but still refuses to play (in this case it crashes after the main menu). Is this a limitation of the 360 system itself of maybe the homebrew? Can anyone clarify?
  20. Thank you for creating and sharing! Works beautifully. Out of bordom: Title ID: 434107D2 Game Title: TGM ACE (Tetris: The Grand Master Ace / JP release) XboxUnity Covers available: no Now "Covers: 1" ...well as soon it gets approved
  21. strike uploaded TU9 at xbox360iso. It's also being uploaded here.
  22. (geomarvie already know this, but this message is for the other readers) Joe Danger 2 TU on XboxUnity is faulthy, like many others. Most of the faulthy ones are half-way uploaded, and the game won't recognize them. Even when they're downloaded and activated in Aurora. I tried to upload the correct TU's of some games to Unity, but it won't accept them unfortunately.
  23. I've made one myself for personal use in Aurora. The back side doesn't have any text in it, but the cover is in English. Just a temporary fix until a retail cover becomes available. Cars 3: Driven To Win - homemade cover by Remmigiosh
  24. Thanks so much for the update! Looking forward to the release Beautiful Thank you. About a GoD of Alien Breed Trilogy: it doesn't work either, it suddenly turns the system off... The multigame-disc 'feature' has worked before as I've seen the menu from that disc in the past.
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