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  1. I'm running a GoD with TU#2 and no DLC on a RGH2 on the latest dash. Runs as expected. TID: 4156087F / MID: 0B152F70. No plugins loaded except NOVA. I would leave the physical disc alone and try another rip from somewhere else. Also I've noticed while checking your debug.log your "Profile1" profile is corrupt. Try fixing or removing that profile. Also you could try re-installing the Avatar-update matching your dash. P.s. Why you're using a SSD for internal storage? The 360 doesn't by far use the full potential of the SSD' speed because of the slower bus speed.
  2. Yeah, Lips is a strange thing concerning regional discs. Here's a small overview I've made some time ago: I couldn't find the missing ones. And I've actually not got it working with the auto-switching either unfortunately.
  3. Sorry, last one was WMV8 apparently. Now I've used Windows Media Encoder v9 to encode the video. Please try again with this one. GameCube intro but it's a crossover episode.wmv
  4. GameCube intro but it's a crossover episode.wmv
  5. Awesome, thanks!
  6. The original share is not a XEX-file, it's in 'GoD' format as advertised. The DashLaunch XEX-file is just packed into a native STFS container as a Games on Demand and given TID 10102001 (birthdate of Mathuws?). What I don't get is the creator included all source files also, while it won't use these when just running DashLaunch. Btw I couldn't get it to work either on my RGH... Thanks for your share. The download you offer is not a 'GoD' but is cleverly packed as a "Full Game Demo". It's just semantics in the end. Being a demo gives a small advantage, as it's easily found at 'demos' next to XexMenu. This file needs to be placed in the Hdd:\Content\0000000000000000\32745286\00080000\ folder for it to be visible in NXE.
  7. Have tested a couple Xbox Originals as GoD containers over ConnectX, but they all fail. They have to be placed locally to successfully launch them. On internal HD they definitely work, unsure about running them from USB though. Btw. I also have mathieulh's "Regular" xb1_5832_apr_2018_2019.11.28_livefix installed.
  8. Until a scanned cover pops up, you could use this one. Front and back are original, and the spine is made by me.
  9. The HD Collection are 3 games put on 2 discs, so logically you would get 2 items in your game-list, one for each disc. One will have MGS 2+3 HD and the other MGS: Peace Walker HD. Think of it as 2 separate games, one with 2 games in one. And about 'swapping discs' in general, this will go automatically without any interaction from you. Aurora has the auto-swap feature on by default, provided you use the correct folder setup like Dr.Gonzo has given. But with this game there's no swapping needed anyway, because of the two different Title ID's, so no need to use DVD1 and DVD2, just choose whatever you want like "MGS 2+3 HD" and "MGS Peace Walker HD" for example. In short: As extracted: Disc 1 - Hdd:\ Games \ MGS 2+3 HD \ Disc 2 - Hdd:\ Games \ MGS Peace Walker HD \ As Games on Demand: Disc 1 - Hdd:\ Content \ 0000000000000000 \ 4B4E0840 \ 00007000 \ Disc 2 - Hdd:\ Content \ 0000000000000000 \ 4B4E083C \ 00007000 \ And yes, you will have to return to the dash to play the other disc, as you would with other games.
  10. The GRAW2 game disc you can just convert with ISO2GOD to a Games on Demand format, and copy that to the Content folder: Hdd:\ Content \ 0000000000000000 \ 555307F0 \ 00007000 \ The Limited Edition bonus disc with the DLC you have to extract manually. The disc contains a Content folder \content\0000000000000000\ffed2000\ffffffff\ with the 5 DLC. Copy them to: Hdd:\ Content \ 0000000000000000 \ 555307F0 \ 00000002 \ ...and you're all set. They're already unlocked so all good to go.
  11. Here's TU#3 for NfS Undercover MID 5385D1C9: https://we.tl/t-kmQr8Io5rs I don't have the other one, maybe the game doesn't have an update at all?
  12. @sxg75z That's beautiful and absolutely correct. Well said.
  13. That's not the correct folder. Just put the TU-file in Hdd:\Cache\ and it will work fine.
  14. Hi Shadha, I've made a cover for in Aurora. Hope you like it.
  15. Don't know what could be wrong? I have the PAL loaded as a Games on Demand and activated TU#3 without problems. If you want to contact me, go to the site under my name at Location.
  16. Btw, thanks for letting know about FatXplorer, too bad it's priced on the high side. Although the Beta is free to use up to 1st of June.
  17. Oh, I thought he ment external USB HDD's. These can be read by default in Windows, at least mine does.
  18. As far as I know this isn't possible. The only way to defragment the files is to connect the HD to a PC and run a defragmenter.
  19. Check your game's Media ID and the Media ID of your TU, they must match, otherwise you'll get TU:0.
  20. You can't find it, because it doesn't exist. Internal names are "Perfect Dark Title Update 1" for TU#2 and "Perfect Dark Title Update 2" for TU#3. You might be mixing up "Xbox 360 TU version numbering" and "GameStudio TU version numbering". Numbering is always difficult as it seems, e.g. the Minecraft version numbering debacle. To make it more difficult, I've come across two Media ID's: 545E14E3 and 3077A693. Media ID 545E14E3 - TU#2 - TU_1C422E2_000010C000000.00000000000G3 - "Perfect Dark Title Update #1" - 492 kB --- on XboxUnity Media ID 545E14E3 - TU#3 - TU_1C422E2_000010C000000.00000000000O3 - "Perfect Dark Title Update #2" - 548 kB --- on XboxUnity Media ID 3077A693 - TU#2 - TU_1C422E2_000010G000000.00000000000G4 - "Perfect Dark Title Update" - 548 kB --- downloaded from Xbox Live today Looking at the size, it looks like TU#3 MID 545E14E3 is the same as TU#2 MID 3077A693, and am pretty sure TU#3 MID 545E14E3 is the latest one. Also looking at the ChangeLog, a "Gamma slider" is added to Video settings, and it's present with TU#2 for Media ID 3077A693. Haven't checked Media ID 545E14E3 though.
  21. Go the website at 'Location' under my name. There you will find these Title Updates: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 -- -- -- 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 -- 29 30 -- 32 33 -- 35 36 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 44 -- -- -- 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 The TU numbering are from the Xbox 360, not the numbering of 4J Studios.
  22. Dude, like felida says, Title Updates are cumulative. You only need the latest TU, and that is TU#80. It includes all the previous updates.
  23. Yes, you can do it with XexTool: http://xorloser.com/blog/?p=395 and WxPirs: http://gael360.free.fr/wxPirs.php Extract the TU with WxPirs into a seperate folder, and copy (and overwrite) all files to the game XEX folder. Then patch all .xex files if a .xexp exist of the same filename, using XeXtool in the Command-line. In the following example replace xexfile with for example "default", and repeat this for all the existing .xexp files. xextool.exe -p xexfile.xexp -o xexfile_patched.xex -u xexfile.xex (this will patch xexfile.xex with the patchfile xexfile.xexp and write the output to xexfile_patched.xex) Then delete xexfile.xexp and xexfile.xex (the patch and the original), and rename xexfile_patched.xex to xexfile.xex (rename patched xex to it's original name). This is a general tutorial, but sometimes you need to do additional things to make it work, it depends on the files inside the TU. Remember: a general thumb of rule is to not mess with the files (not e.g. like what you mentioned with renaming sp.xex to default.xex). I'd suggest only do the above, what should work.
  24. I think he means the normal Aurora boot taking up some time. I have 2x 2TB externals and a 2TB internal and it takes a minute or 2 to load up Aurora (autoscan disabled). @rahjer - No, I believe there's no way to skip it. Aurora needs to import and scan it's database for it to load.
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