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  1. I didn't mention it in the OP but it's a RGH3, so the flash is pretty recent. I'm pretty sure I already cleared cache but can try it again. But probably just need to start over. Unfortunate, but it is what it is.
  2. Like mentioned in the post, I tried a downloaded rip and still had the same error. Tried a different downloaded rip as well, still crashes. Tested with no profiles installed. Still crashes. Maybe there is something stored that is causing the crash, because I swear I had played off the internal storage at one point and then I don't remember if I uninstalled at one point or what happened. Maybe I just need to reformat the drive. As far as using a SSD goes. I'm aware that the 360 can't take full advantage of the speed, but for me it's more about the weight, noise, heat, and longevity of the SSD. Plus this is an Inland 1TB SSD I got from Microcenter for like $60 so it was cheap enough to justify.
  3. Hello, I've attempted to run DJ Hero 2 from my internal storage in multiple different ways and nothing seems to work. Disc version runs fine but loading from internal causes crash when trying to load the main menu after the intro cutscenes. Disc to GOD = crash Downloaded back up disc rip to internal storage = crash I've tried to use latest TU and no TU. Crash. Disable my only plugin which is proto. Crash. No DLC installed for game. Internal storage is a 1TB SSD. This is the only game that causes an issue. Running Aurora 0.7b. IDK what else to try. Anyone have any insight? Logs are attached. debug.log.last debug.log
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