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  1. Swizzy: I did upload some covers to Unity last night. Cant see they're approved yet. Did you miss or just busy? Lego Marvel Avengers, Lego Dimensions and FIFA16. Gonna do more covers tonight... using an own theme so i might do for those game i have...
  2. Swizzy: Will there be support for BIG TU's? Remember i asked for LEGO Dimensions TU and i wanted to upload it but it's over 1GB. Will this be supported??
  3. Looking forward to it, seems really really good!! Keep up the good work.
  4. All 3 is the wrong version Delete them and i'll upload again... I messed up with my template in Photoshop. Have created an own custom template which is used and then i add different front images but the position wasn't 100% right.. i will check for future covers so they're right before upload.. i intend to upload a lot more
  5. Swizzy: I uploaded covers for Just Dance 2016, WRC 5 and Lego Dimensions yesterday. I did it twice since the first version is not correct. It may seem like duplicates but its not. If you check the log i have uploaded another versions some minutes after the first ones. Can you delete the first ones and approve/publish the second, correct versions please??
  6. Why can't you open up for such big updates too?
  7. Its BIG... i can't upload it then?? Its TU2 for Lego Dimensions, its 1,15GB...
  8. Im trying to upload a title update but it looks like its never going to finnish. Do i do the same way as covers or what am i doing wrong!?
  9. Yes, the title has a total of 4 covers (my upload included) and it has downloaded one of these when i added the emulator to the xbox hard drive. Selecting a new cover for it and maybe one other title gets the result when Aurora starts downloading covers pushed by Unity it won't add the emulator cover but the other one/s if i selected more than just the emulator...
  10. Well can't figure out why either.. possible to add it local?
  11. Great, tnx! One last problem. Uploaded a cover to NES emulator FCEUX. My Aurora is downloading one of the covers as default cover. However, when adding my own cover from the site to my que Aurora won't download it. Trying to add it again at the website in a couple of minutes tells me its already in the que, fine... waiting for like 5-10 mins its possible to add again to the que but Aurora won't download it! Why?
  12. It would be great if i can change the time for Aurora to look for new covers pushed by Unity, 5 mins is a little bit long! Anyway, tnx for a really good dashboard!
  13. Tnx for info. Trying to add a cover for GTA V but i have a media id thats not listed. Dunno how to add a new media id to existing title? Should i upload to an already existing id?
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