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  1. No bad rips, games plays when I transfer the files to the regular xbox360 hard drive.
  2. Hi All. I'm late getting into the Xbox360 with Aurora installed. I just purchased the console with a 250GB which I have fill up with games via FTP from my PC. The reason for this posting is that I would like to have more games on an External drive. So I purchased a 2TB HHD and formatted it on my PC to FAT32. After I transferred game data to the drive via PC, I plugged it into the USB port on the XBOX360. The console recognized the drive and I can see the games, but when I try to play it, it comes up with an error message "The game couldn't start. Try downloading the game again." Is there a way I can fix this issue or is there something that I missed? If it is helpful, my xbox360 came with other homebrew software, but I don't know what they are all used for. Thank you!!
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