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  1. you have the Legendary Cars Collection (PDLC Pack 1) 8B2CD5C7EC41B96B37D882EEB11BEB789C3D071745 Bikes: 51B7684B203554FA8562AD08C5F8A5489FAFFFEB45 (Includeded in the Paradise 1,9) you do not have these: Big Surf Island: 809E7ACC1DF4724E16226C8C49CDA0BA8D6F413945 Party: 0725ACE553AAD1B39B40C5CE470B6AD94E15E43D45 or you have not Unlocked correctly You need to have these Cars: Legendary Cars Collection (PDLC Pack 1) "Time Savers Pack" "Carson GT Nighthawk" "Jansen P12 88 Special" "Hunter Manhattan Spirit" "Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger"
  2. i also recomend only to install these 2 and the others until you finished all the Guild Challenge The Key of Ancient Ruins, the challenge dlc disable your rare encounter and you need to defeat the challenge monsters to get the rare to spawn again and that wil take a long time to defeat them so you missing out a lot of good
  3. i do not have net framework on my pc installed only that core SDK
  4. Aurora does not have a DLC Scan if you want the DLC you Need to find it on the web
  5. Works Fine For Me I got windows 10 64 Bit Version Maybe you got the wrong NET Framework Version I use Microsoft.Net Core SDK.3.1.426 (x64) i do not have ant other Framwork installed
  6. if i have not the tu on or of it wil not start with the trainer
  7. for me it works or it do not work you need to start the trainer to get it work
  8. no not all trainers need a tu some do not work with a tu do work without one example Painkiller trainer only works without a tu
  9. Some trainers do not work With or Without Tu i Got Some Trainers that do not work with a TU On and Tu Off it works
  10. Any one know if there is a new Trainer for Painkiller Hell & Damnation that is working with a TU i got V1 it does not work with a tu on
  11. You can change the name of the game with 360 content manager bij pressing the pensel can only be done in GOD Games i do not recomend it it wil change the hash code and is not genuine anymore also you can rename it on aurora
  12. Note that not all latest title Updates are on xbox unity because of some size title Updates or some did not upload some of the title updates and sometimes it can clitch and even if you install a title update and scan it and activate it wil not work that is 0,10% Chance or that a dlc works and after that i wont like with Cid Meiers civilazations dlc
  13. do i need more then rgh or is it a plugin i do not need dual nand i want to know how to use that black screen
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