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  1. Works Fine For Me I got windows 10 64 Bit Version Maybe you got the wrong NET Framework Version I use Microsoft.Net Core SDK.3.1.426 (x64) i do not have ant other Framwork installed
  2. if i have not the tu on or of it wil not start with the trainer
  3. for me it works or it do not work you need to start the trainer to get it work
  4. no not all trainers need a tu some do not work with a tu do work without one example Painkiller trainer only works without a tu
  5. Some trainers do not work With or Without Tu i Got Some Trainers that do not work with a TU On and Tu Off it works
  6. Any one know if there is a new Trainer for Painkiller Hell & Damnation that is working with a TU i got V1 it does not work with a tu on
  7. You can change the name of the game with 360 content manager bij pressing the pensel can only be done in GOD Games i do not recomend it it wil change the hash code and is not genuine anymore also you can rename it on aurora
  8. Note that not all latest title Updates are on xbox unity because of some size title Updates or some did not upload some of the title updates and sometimes it can clitch and even if you install a title update and scan it and activate it wil not work that is 0,10% Chance or that a dlc works and after that i wont like with Cid Meiers civilazations dlc
  9. do i need more then rgh or is it a plugin i do not need dual nand i want to know how to use that black screen
  10. I think that is inposible the game and the tu do not stuff to make the patch work to make a patch work you need to modify the game and tu if that is even posible
  11. yep greater rifts are only on ps4xbone and pc, no updates are coming for the ps3 edition or 360 it is not on xbox 360 update only on the next gen ps4 and xbox one got it as far as i read about it and that is patch 2.0 so i do not think patch 2.1 is added if patch 2.0 is not added in the xbox version i wonder if the added it to diablo 3 normal game aswel
  12. i got the title Update for Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Title Update #2 Media ID: 4325D8A4
  13. is it also posible to add addons to see This as example or do i need to connect more stuff to my rgh to see that the guy on youtube said he used Xecuter Demon to get this black screen
  14. what dlc are you talking about the Multi-Player Appearance Pack ones on AC III or the The Washington Serie's the Multiplayer dlc are online Required also and for ACIV you Need this to Connect MP Erudito Credit Pack Regular 1
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