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  1. Is there stil new updates in progress or is this the final version
  2. i have downloaded the title update straight from my retail xbox without doing any thing with the tu so my is correct tu
  3. i have a rgh and i got all 13 packs working fine maybe you need to unlock the dlc or your dlc are faulty
  4. i am looking for the latest Title Update for the usa version of: Hasbro Family Game Night 1 Title ID: 58410981 Media ID: 5B9C0691 Base Version 0000001
  5. i got title update 12: https://mega.nz/file/m7B0QDaa#SXxVeNFwD099Ljq0mgqrA-lZfnvvSzrEkXHHcyukrmI
  6. there is no title update for this game title update 1 is intergrated and the dlc work fine at my end i got the same game and i get all the content maybe you got a faulty dlc
  7. mine game don't show any dlc with that version i got tu 3
  8. i tried everything 2 diffrence games and both TU 3 Diffrence dlc also deleted save file and TU file i even deleted everything of my hdd and put it al back togather with no avail a friend of mine had the same game and same dlc i have and on his console it works fine i have dashboard 2.0.17502.0 aurora 0.6B dashlaunch V3.17 (584) Trinity Slim glitch2 chip
  9. So the DLC for this game is not possible to use because you need to be conected whit ea server if i read correct ?
  10. To bad otherwise you could test it yourself
  11. gavin did you test your virtual fighter 5: final Showdown you self ? i have it whit title update Update 1
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