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  1. mine game don't show any dlc with that version i got tu 3
  2. i tried everything 2 diffrence games and both TU 3 Diffrence dlc also deleted save file and TU file i even deleted everything of my hdd and put it al back togather with no avail a friend of mine had the same game and same dlc i have and on his console it works fine i have dashboard 2.0.17502.0 aurora 0.6B dashlaunch V3.17 (584) Trinity Slim glitch2 chip
  3. So the DLC for this game is not possible to use because you need to be conected whit ea server if i read correct ?
  4. To bad otherwise you could test it yourself
  5. gavin did you test your virtual fighter 5: final Showdown you self ? i have it whit title update Update 1
  6. i have copies of multi Disc games on extrernal hdd you need to putt the games in diffrence folders like dvd 1 2 3 there is a tutorial on youtube how to make multi Dics games work i got that problem first whit wolfenstein the new order because its switch from disc 1 to 2 before the games start only by blue dragon if you start whit dics 3 it ask to enter disc 1 only when you press the home button disc 3 is in displayand disc 1 is at play
  7. joe danger problem is fix the title update on xbox unity is faulty or its a other region. now only how to fix that crash problem whit virtual fighter 5 final showdown
  8. I dont use plugins i know those 2 are giving some games issue also i dont know why virtual fighter showdown crashes i tried it yesterday again whit dashlaunch and freestyle plugin on the game gives a fatal crash after that i tried it while unload freestyle plugin and the game loads perfect i check joe danger 2 title update trough your way see if the title update is corupted its not at the hdd i only see my 2 dlc files and not the title update maby because its at cache can i trie my retail hdd see if the title update is present there i have a usb hdd cabel for the old xbox 360 generation
  9. I have tested dashlaunch and freestyle plugin, when I unload dashlaunch and not freestyle the game crashed. When I do the revers the game plays . How about the game joe danger 2? The Title update is good, media id too only when its activate the game it says tu 0. I have got those two problems also. In the dashlaunche settings I have got almost everything off only live block and so.
  10. is there also a fix whit the Freestyle plugin its crashes xbla game virtual fighter 5 Final showdown i tested it when i unload that plugin my games works is it also a possibility that some title update dont work whit some aurora plugin or files like joe danger 2 the movie the title update dont work on aurora 0.6B i dont know if that can cause problems whit aurora
  11. Joe Danger 2 The Movie TU 1 is the title mijn game name is the same
  12. it says Hdd1\Cache\ and there it also is i bought the full game and the title update from that game dont appears from xbox live i downloaded it xbox unity and tried a other title update no avail i can activate it and it dont work a friend of mine converted the game whit default.xex and default xexp and works only to get demo version
  13. no it dont work i tried everything redownload scan it everything activation replace it from cache to content nothing work
  14. how about a title update whit matching media id and dont work when activation ??
  15. my loading time is very long i have 1987 games
  16. i tried many things a friend of mine got it to work whit default.xex and default.xexp merging togather it works only we got trial version again so maby you can help to find out why title update dont work
  17. any one have that and want to share it pls i try xbox unity butt its not the official one thnx in advance
  18. can you make this the same color as the kinect cover if its not problem
  19. i mean Kinect arcade in purple is for arcade kinect games sorry voor the confusion
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