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  1. thats the thing, the download from unity is not working, it stops before completion.
  2. Another one I can't download from Unity, Any help would be great Game: Rogue Warrior TitleID: 425307D3 MediaID: 0A3D6C7E BaseVersion: 00000001 Version: TU1
  3. ok. thansk again for the update file
  4. thanks for the file but i thought the latest title update was 4 not 3. also the filname does not seem to match at the end. the TU for this game on unity filename ends in 81 not 01.
  5. update on unity will not complete download past 331kb. i tried lots of time and there must be some issue. Game: Madden NFL 10 TitleID: 454108C6 MediaID: 21BB783B BaseVersion: 00000001 Version: TU2
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