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  1. Is there anyway to scan for remnant DLC, I know Aurora can already scan for remnant TU's wondering if it's possible for DLC also.
  2. So when i filter for homebrew all of my homebrew is only able to apply XeXMenu box art this is happening for Dashlaunch/Aurora and FreestyleDash 3, which are my only homebrew apps and i cant figure it out appreciate any help. Edit: never mind i had all my homebrew in XEXMENUS content folder smh
  3. That's what i ended up having to do. I think it's the same as i know what the passcode is "BUT" it will not let me press the apply button when i un-check the option for passcode on delete.
  4. yeah i'm stuck with a password for deleting games and i can't remove it
  5. i was worried there for a second tbh.
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