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  1. Type: Xbox 360 Name: Cars 3 Driven to win TitleID : 57520855 ----------------------------------------------- Type: Xbox 360 Name: PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018 TitleID : 30000000
  2. The DLC is already unlocked. The game "Goat simulator" is 04/2015. I think for a 2016 DLC to work, you need a TU ...
  3. Game: Goat Simulator Title ID: 58411498 Media ID: 67BF7F22 VER:
  4. First, I'd like to apologize for any typos. I'm Brazilian, and I'm using the google translation. This week a DLC of the Goat-Simulator game was released: Title ID: 58411498 But this dlc is not working on my console, which makes me believe that it needs the latest TU to work. But UNITY has no TU for that particular game. Has any TU been released for this game? Thank you all.
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