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  1. Hello I have a JTAG and recently Aurora has started to take a very long time to boot, and I'm not sure why. Whilst I do have a large amount of games (750GB internal, 2TB external), Freestyle boots instantly, as Aurora used to, but not now and I can't figure out why. The fact that Freestyle boots instantly with the same amount of games scanned in appears to confirm the amount of games, and hard drives are not the culprit. I also tried removing the external drive, but got the same result. Any idea of the cause of this slowdown please and how I can fix it? I've read the FAQ sticky and can confirm that I have xhttp set to true in the launch.ini, and that I have no plugins active within Dashlaunch. 20240406_160127.mp4
  2. You're welcome guys, nice to have contributed in a some tiny way. Haha, yeah right! This is about as 'advanced' as I get!
  3. Thanks Team Phoenix! I'm in quite a strange 'gaming' period of my life at the moment where I enjoy 'tinkering' with gaming platforms, rather than actually playing on them! With the excellent Aurora dash and the great support I received here, the 360 is my current fav tinker toy.
  4. Hello While two of these scripts have been posted before, the op disappeared along with the download link for script, so with big help from Swizzy (thanks man!) I've recreated them and added a third. Swizzy's original local co-op script works exactly as should, however, due to lots of missing player info from Xbox.com, loads of games were missing from results. I know nothing about script but wanted to added the missing games, and so through lots of trail and error I've managed to do just that. They do not included all available games, but I've added over 250 titles for 360 and XBLA by sourcing co-op data from Co-Optimus. For any missing games, you can manually add title ID to the script. It would be a great help to everyone if you could also post those title ID's here and I'll update script. I will add that 'Local co-op' includes all games where there are co-op elements within game, so not necessary just campaigns, although it would be great if someone could create just that. If there are any mistakes or you simply don't want a particular game returned via script, you can delete the title id (if it's been added manually) or add this to the script... if (Content.TitleId == 0x<TitleID>) then return false end To create scripts, simply open notepad and copy and paste script below. Save with .lua extension and transfer to Xbox 360 > aurora/media/scrpts/UserFilters. You will of course need separate file for each script, so for example in my 'UserFilters' folder I have these three files... Local-co-op.lua Local-co-op-4p.lua Multiplayer.lua So here we go then... Local Co-op Local Co-op 4 Player Local Multiplayer Don't forget if you know of any games that need to be added, please post name of game, it's title id and it's feature, ie co-op, co-op 4 player or multiplayer, and I'll update script. Enjoy!
  5. All starting to make sense, thanks for your patience. Yeah I know the script is only as good as the info from Xbox.com, and that's the whole reason why I've been amending it so as I can add all the missing games (there was a lot missing).
  6. Ah yeah missing the 'end' thank you. Right sooo with regards to trying to get script to return ALL local co-op games, so that it returns all 2, 3 or 4 player local co-op games, I should just leave minco and maxco as you originally intended correct? I original interpreted that as 'return if minimum player is 1 and maximum player is 2', but if I've understood your above explanation correctly, what it actually instructs is to 'return if minimum player is 1 or greater, and maximum player is 2 or greater'. Is this correct?
  7. .....I'm back! Ok so trying to sort script to show local multiplayer, but so far no luck. Script won't show up within Aurora so I've gone wrong somewhere, but where? Script attempt 1 Script attempt 2 - This is just a straight copy of link you sent me. No idea what needs to be changes (if anything)? I tried replacing the %i-%i with numbers to represent min/max players, but that didn't work. Also with regards to the co-op script (and guess this one too), if I want to increase max players, so for example I want script to return all co-op games 1-4, which number do I need to change please? I changed to... ....yet somehow the number of games returned decreased? Shouldn't that return all games with co-op 1-4 players? What's the difference between "maxco >" and "maxco =="? Help me oh wise one!
  8. Thank you. With regards to the co-op script, is there a command I can use to omit certain titleid please?
  9. Looks awesome! 5/5 from me too, very least I can do. I'm really looking forward to VR becoming mainstream.
  10. Sweet Moses! That fixed it! Thanks Swizzy! That takes care of co-op script, so now I'd like create second script to return 'multiplayer' please. Is it just a case of replacing 'minco' & 'maxco' part of the script? If so do you know the script references for minimum player and maximum player please?
  11. Thank you, but the problem is not with your original script, that is working just fine and is returning games, but not all co-op games within my library. As such I'm trying to add those missing games/title ID's manually, but this is where the problem start, as the games/title id's I've added to the script are not being returned. Games/title ID's I've added in this example... 0x584109D2 0x41560901 0x4541084C 0x454108D8 All of which are added to the extra part of the script... end Those four games however are not being returned, ie are not displayed when script is run, so appears there is something wrong with this part of the script perhaps? I tested your amended script as above, but no games are returned using this, and log just reported same error over and over... I fear things are becoming more complicated than they need to, no doubt my fault as I'm not the best at trying to explain. Basically while the original script does return some co-op games, it doesn't return all co-op games. I understand this is not fault of script, as it can only return games if number of player data is exists. As such I'm trying to return missing games by manually adding their title id's to the original script, but those manually added games are not being returned. I know nothing of scripting, but I'm sure what I'm trying to do is very basic for any one who knows script, so if anyone can see error, correct error and supply working script, that would be very much appreciated. I say anyone, because I'm sure Swizzy must need a break once in a while from dealing with such noobs like your's truly Alternatively perhaps I can amend the database using SQliteBrowser, if indeed the database includes 'number of players' which the scrips 'minco' and 'maxco' picks up on? I THINK the number of players is presented under the heading 'GameCapsOffline'. I would assume if the offline number of players were say '2 players' the entry would therefore be '2', however, entries here are either '0', or long string of numbers ranging from 8-14 digits, so I have no idea. If number of players is not par of the database, where exactly is this data please? If I can find that and amend/added number of player data, then perhaps the script will work without the need to added individual title ID's.
  12. Hello I've manually edited synopsis for all my games now via sqlitebrowser. I got rid of all the unnecessary junk text, million and one 'TM' & copyright symbols, added paragraphs etc, so now I might actual read some of them. It would be a lot quicker process however if when adding new games I could simply make the edits directly via Aurora. What do you think guys? Something worth including please? Thank you
  13. Sweetballs of goodness! We are all lucky ducks! Thanks guys!
  14. Thanks Swizzy but still unable to get any script working to show extra games I've added. Can you take a look please and see where I'm going wrong? Script attempt 1... Script attempt 2... I'm also curious what "minco" and "maxco" refers too please? Thank you
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