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Found 5 results

  1. Hello While two of these scripts have been posted before, the op disappeared along with the download link for script, so with big help from Swizzy (thanks man!) I've recreated them and added a third. Swizzy's original local co-op script works exactly as should, however, due to lots of missing player info from Xbox.com, loads of games were missing from results. I know nothing about script but wanted to added the missing games, and so through lots of trail and error I've managed to do just that. They do not included all available games, but I've added over 250 titles for 360 and XBLA by sourcing co-op data from Co-Optimus. For any missing games, you can manually add title ID to the script. It would be a great help to everyone if you could also post those title ID's here and I'll update script. I will add that 'Local co-op' includes all games where there are co-op elements within game, so not necessary just campaigns, although it would be great if someone could create just that. If there are any mistakes or you simply don't want a particular game returned via script, you can delete the title id (if it's been added manually) or add this to the script... if (Content.TitleId == 0x<TitleID>) then return false end To create scripts, simply open notepad and copy and paste script below. Save with .lua extension and transfer to Xbox 360 > aurora/media/scrpts/UserFilters. You will of course need separate file for each script, so for example in my 'UserFilters' folder I have these three files... Local-co-op.lua Local-co-op-4p.lua Multiplayer.lua So here we go then... Local Co-op Local Co-op 4 Player Local Multiplayer Don't forget if you know of any games that need to be added, please post name of game, it's title id and it's feature, ie co-op, co-op 4 player or multiplayer, and I'll update script. Enjoy!
  2. Does anyone know what happened to team xecuter? I've been trying to get to there forum for weeks now and it just times out. At first I thought it might be maintenance or something. Now I'm scared they might actually be shut down.
  3. Hello guys! I have an xbox360 FAT Jasper with RGH and Aurora 0.5b DB. My console have no wifi (because it's FAT) and the back USB and Internet RJ45 is broken and it came out. I can't open console and solder it. I have hmm about 15 games with no covers. In FSD3 i had the same problem. My question is: Can I manually put the PNG or JPG covers form PC (USB stick) to any folder in Aurora's data? I haven't got friend with xbox360 so i can't copy a data file and i can't use FTP. I know about a wifi to USB adapter but it's too expensive for me PS. Sorry for my bad English
  4. Any way to let us add covers manually, if our console is offline or we just want some custom personalized cover? Or at least an explanation of how Aurora stores covers and in what format?
  5. hi!! someone downloaded for me a BETA release demo of Crysis3, but when i'm starting it, after pressing start on the menu it says i need to connect to live to enable features etc.. and even when canceling or pressing okay, it goes back to the start menu.. ..so i was wondering: is there a way i can play it on my jtag without live connections? thanks
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