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  1. Hi! I've got a x360 RGH console wnich have broken ethernet port and have no wifi so I can't connect to Ethernet. I can buy a USB wifi adapter but it's too expensive for me. I've got an idea to connect my android mobile data via USB tethering to xbox. My phone is rooted if it matters. My question is Can i do that? Does xbox have good drivers for it? If anyone know something about it, pls tell me
  2. Hello guys! I have an xbox360 FAT Jasper with RGH and Aurora 0.5b DB. My console have no wifi (because it's FAT) and the back USB and Internet RJ45 is broken and it came out. I can't open console and solder it. I have hmm about 15 games with no covers. In FSD3 i had the same problem. My question is: Can I manually put the PNG or JPG covers form PC (USB stick) to any folder in Aurora's data? I haven't got friend with xbox360 so i can't copy a data file and i can't use FTP. I know about a wifi to USB adapter but it's too expensive for me PS. Sorry for my bad English
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