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  1. Hello, I'm trying to create a custom sort for my games that puts games from the same series together. However, my custom sort is not showing up, presumably because it has errors in it, but I'm not sure where they are...any help is appreciated. GameListSorters["Series"] = function(Item1, Item2, Type) series_list = {["ace combat 6: fires of liberation"] = "ace combat 6",["ace combat: assault horizon"] = "ace combat 7",["alan wake"] = "alan wake 1",["army of two"] = "army of two 1",["army of two: the 40th day"] = "army of two 2",["army of two: the devil's cartel"] = "army of two 3",["burnout paradise"] = "burnout 5",["burnout revenge"] = "burnout 4",["dead space"] = "dead space 1",["deathsmiles"] = "deathsmiles 1",["deathsmiles 2x"] = "deathsmiles 2",["devil may cry hd collection"] = "devil may cry 3",["dmc devil may cry"] = "devil may cry 5",["dodonpachi daioujou black label extra"] = "dodonpachi 3",["dodonpachi resurrection"] = "dodonpachi 4",["dodonpachi saidaioujou"] = "dodonpachi 5",["dragon ball z budokai hd collection"] = "dragon ball z budokai 3",["dragon ball z burst limit"] = "dragon ball z budokai 4",["final fantasy xiii"] = "final fantasy 13-1",["final fantasy xiii-2"] = "final fantasy 13-2",["forza horizon"] = "forza horizon 1",["forza horizon 2"] = "forza horizon 2-1",["forza horizon 2 presents fast & furious"] = "forza horizon 2-2",["gears of war"] = "gears of war 1",["gears of war: judgment"] = "gears of war 4",["lightning returns: final fantasy xiii"] = "final fantasy 13-3",["metal gear rising: revengeance"] = "metal gear solid 6",["metal gear solid hd collection"] = "metal gear solid 3",["metal gear solid v: ground zeroes"] = "metal gear solid 5-1",["metal gear solid v: the phantom pain"] = "metal gear solid 5-2",["metal gear solid: peace walker hd"] = "metal gear solid 4",["mushihime-sama"] = "mushihimesama 1",["mushihime-sama futari"] = "mushihimesama 2",["need for speed: prostreet"] = "need for speed 2007",["need for speed: the run"] = "need for speed 2011",["prince of persia"] = "prince of persia 7",["prince of persia: the forgotten sands"] = "prince of persia 8",["resident evil 0 hd remaster"] = "resident evil 0",["resident evil 4 hd"] = "resident evil 4",["resident evil code: veronica x hd"] = "resident evil 3",["resident evil hd remaster"] = "resident evil 1",["resident evil revelations"] = "resident evil revelations 1",["rise of the tomb raider"] = "tomb raider 2",["sherlock holmes vs. jack the ripper"] = "sherlock holmes 1",["sherlock holmes: crimes & punishments"] = "sherlock holmes 3",["silent hill 4: the room"] = "silent hill 4",["silent hill hd collection"] = "silent hill 3",["silent hill: downpour"] = "silent hill 6",["silent hill: homecoming"] = "silent hill 5",["soulcalibur iv"] = "soulcalibur 4",["soulcalibur v"] = "soulcalibur 5",["the evil within"] = "evil within",["the king of fighters xiii"] = "king of fighters 2013",["the testament of sherlock holmes"] = "sherlock holmes 2",["tom clancy's h.a.w.x."] = "tom clancy hawx 1",["tom clancy's h.a.w.x. 2"] = "tom clancy hawx 2",["tomb raider"] = "tomb raider 1",["ultimate marvel vs. capcom 3"] = "marvel vs capcom 3",["ultra street fighter iv"] = "street fighter 4",["alan wake's american nightmare"] = "alan wake 2",["banjo-kazooie"] = "banjo-kazooie 1",["banjo-tooie"] = "banjo kazooie 2",["marvel puzzle quest: dark reign"] = "puzzle quest 3",["puzzle quest: challenge of the warlords"] = "puzzle quest 1",["sonic & knuckles"] = "sonic the hedgehog 3-1",["sonic the hedgehog"] = "sonic the hedgehog 1",["sonic the hedgehog 3"] = "sonic the hedgehog 3-2",["sonic the hedgehog 4: episode i"] = "sonic the hedgehog 4-1",["sonic the hedgehog 4: episode ii"] = "sonic the hedgehog 4-2",["soulcalibur ii hd online"] = "soulcalibur 2",["street fighter iii: 3rd strike online edition"] = "street fighter 3",["super street fighter ii turbo hd remix"] = "street fighter 2",["the king of fighters '98 ultimate match"] = "king of fighters 1998",["the king of fighters 2002 unlimited match"] = "king of fighters 2002",["abaddon"] = "abaddon 1",["abaddon: retribution"] = "abaddon 2",["apple jack"] = "apple jack 1",["marvel vs. capcom: origins"] = "marvel vs capcom 1",["marvel vs. capcom 2"] = "marvel vs capcom 2"} gamen1l = string.lower(Item1.Name) gamen2l = string.lower(Item2.Name) gamen1n = series_list[gamen1l] gamen2n = series_list[gamen2l] if gamen1n != nil then gamen1l = gamen1n end if gamen2n != nil then gamen2l = gamen2n end if Type == SortType.Descending then return gamen1l > gamen2l end return gamen1l < gamen2l end
  2. I'm very much afraid of the answer, but: is there any way to run this on Linux? I tried wine with all dependencies described in the topic, but it fails to start with error "The entry point method could not be loaded"
  3. Requesting some covers for indie games: 58550EAA - Boot Hill Heroes 585504BD - Breath of Death VII 58550756 - Cthulhu Saves the World
  4. So I just switched to Aurora from FSD, and I'm kind of lost on how to add TU to Aurora manually, as my 360 is not connected. The TU that go in content aren't much trouble, as I can simply add them into their folders and then scan. The ones I'm stumped are the ones that go in cache, especially seeing as I have to move over 30 of them to Aurora. In FSD, there was a folder where you could dump all cache-type TU to get it to recognize them, but I'm not seeing a folder like that in Aurora... Any help will be appreciated!
  5. Hmmm...so there's little chance of manual replacing then, at least not without another online Aurora install. Ugh, I really like how Aurora is shaping up, but the easiness of GaDaBaMa keeps me tethered to FSD...
  6. Any way to let us add covers manually, if our console is offline or we just want some custom personalized cover? Or at least an explanation of how Aurora stores covers and in what format?
  7. This is kind of a weird question, but: is there a way to run extracted XBLA games (ie: not a single container, launching default.xex)?
  8. DMNBT

    GaDaBaMa 3.2 for F3

    I'm getting an error (err. 3188) while trying to edit the long description of Call of Duty: Ghosts, it tells me that there's another session open, even after turning off my PC and starting it again.
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